Respect for Motherhood starts with women

             Of course, everyone loves their Mother and if you love her, you probably respect her.  And boy, do Mothers deserve the utmost respect; especially if they are doing everything it takes to raise a child well.  Despite the obligatory cards and flowers every Mother’s Day, Motherhood has been taking quite a hit for decades now.  However, much of the disrespect for Motherhood comes from women and dissatisfaction from Mothers themselves.

            It may have started with feminists during the 1960s sexual revolution when they floated the absurd notion getting a job or career was more important than rearing the next generation and more fulfilling than nurturing children into accomplished adults.  Somehow getting a gold watch for a few decades of corporate service was more meaningful than lovingly raising a child to carry on your family legacy.

            A Mother is God’s chosen vessel to usher new life into being.  What is more noble and important than giving life?  But sadly, feminist nonsense eroded Motherhood’s mantle in society and then the spread of immorality corroded the character and moral fiber of too many mothers.  In short, even many women no longer consider Motherhood a higher calling.

            Most Mothers love their children, but for how many are the children no longer a priority?  In many cases, it’s necessity.  About 1 in 4 children are being raised by single mothers; many of whom are simply overcome with the burdens of working to provide for their children.  These hard working single Moms deserve our respect and support.

            Often dead beat dads can be blamed for not fulfilling their obligations, but there is another distasteful aspect to the about 40% of children born to unmarried Mothers.  Some have committed partners, but the epidemic proportions of illegitimate births can also be attributed to widely acceptable promiscuity with no regard for consequences.  Too many men and women engage in casual sex with no concern about conception and when it happens, it’s treated as a nuisance.

            In our narcissistic society ever seeking instant self-gratification, we’ve grown cold and callous hearts that not only ignore the miracles of birth; they dismiss it.  But it’s much more than just selfishness worrying only about yourself and your enjoyment.  Disregarding the wondrous capacity and awesome privilege and responsibility of giving birth, rejects the essence of Motherhood.

            The miracle of life is surely the most magnificent event, but it’s only the beginning for Mother’s who will spend countless sleepless nights nursing sick children.  Put aside their interests to teach their kids.  Surrender almost their entire existence to provide good homes and raise loved kids.  Motherhood is the epitome of sacrifice, so that others may begin to live; there is no greater love.

            Putting Motherhood in perspective demands we put Mothers on a pedestal.  Everyone should embrace the esteem of Motherhood in the highest terms, but when women and especially Mothers don’t appreciate the incredible worth of their own roles, our society has sunk to the nadir of apathy.

            If life is so cheap to you that you will abort an inconvenient pregnancy.  Or, you can’t worry about the health and welfare of your babies because you’re consumed with your own needs.  Or, you can’t be bothered with your kids’ needs because they interrupt your life.  Then you not only disrespect Motherhood; you disgrace it.

            The point is not to malign struggling Mothers, but rather reaffirm the awesome splendor of being a Mother.  Women must recognize the vital role Mother’s play; and acknowledge the extraordinary responsibility for family and children.  If one ponders and accepts all these wonders, they can’t help but feel honored and especially respect themselves for their crucial role.

            Ladies, please never sell yourselves short.  Mothers are the vital linchpin for a vibrant culture and a healthy country deserving the highest regard.  America needs you, so establishing the proper respect for Motherhood requires Mothers to tolerate nothing less.

            “Treat older women as you would your mother, and treat younger women with all purity as you would your own sisters.”  I Timothy 5:2


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