Rooskies coming home to roost

Democrats and the media have been mercilessly beating Russian drums the past year insisting Donald Trump “colluded” with the Kremlin to steal the US presidency from Obama’s anointed heir.  They’ve been chanting it repeatedly with the same certainty the sun will rise in the east.  Without any proof and without even a defined crime, it has become popular liberal gospel.  The matter was settled and non-negotiable, but what if the new sheriff decided to actually enforce the law per established facts based on mountains of evidence?

OH-OH!  Chappaqua, we have a problem!  It turns out there was indeed collusion with the Russians, but it wasn’t Trump or his campaign.  Not only are the baseless Trump accusations imploding, the entire “Russian collusion” narrative has flipped!  Somewhat complex and convoluted, but the emerging truth makes more sense than the utter nonsense pedaled by a rabid media.  Republicans have never been kind to Russians and Trump has been pushing against the Kremlin everywhere.  He has upheld sanctions against Russia, warned them about Iran, renewed his commitment to NATO, and even bombed Putin’s little chia pet in Syria.  So why would Russia want Trump to win?

On the other hand, Democrats have been siding with if not coddling Russians since the 1930s.  All that central planning and all powerful BIG government makes liberals tingle all over.  Remember how Democrats lamented President Bush’s shabby treatment of Russia.  Then Secretary Clinton even made a big show of “resetting” our relations.  To prove good will, Clinton agreed to transfer 20% of American uranium to the Russians and only for some millions in contributions to the Clinton Foundation.  So in the historical view and experience, it makes much more sense the Russians would side or collude with the Democrats.

To fully grasp the depth of corruption, we must go back to the 2010 Uranium One deal.  Secretary Clinton worked hard to approve that deal with Russian company “Rosatom.”  But a Rosatom subsidiary was being investigated for bribery by Obama’s FBI at the same time.  So why did then FBI Director Robert Mueller approve that deal or remain silent and allow it?

Fast forward to 2016.  The Clinton Campaign and Democratic National Committee (DNC) funded Fusion GPS to continue opposition research against Trump started by some yet to be named Republican.  Fusion GPS hired a former British Intelligence Officer who went to Russian contacts to create an incredibly salacious dossier to slander Trump, but none of it has been proven and most of it has been debunked.  However, Democrat patsy, Senator John McCain, still gladly passed it to the FBI to sabotage the GOP nominee.

It appears Obama’s FBI used that Democrat purchased propaganda to start counter-intelligence surveillance of the Trump Campaign, obtain warrants to wiretap team Trump, and then random Obama officials unmasked numerous Trump personnel.  So, the Democrats used a fake intelligence dossier they bought to spy on their political opponent and then when Hillary lost used it again to launch an unwarranted investigation of our new president all based on lies they made up with Russian help.  The Russians tried to influence the election, but they did influence the Special Counsel.

It gets better.  FBI Director James Comey who covered up Hillary’s email crimes expediently leaked documents after his firing to insinuate a cover up and precipitate a Special Counsel.  Then Obama hold over, Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein, conveniently appointed former FBI Director Mueller as Special Counsel.  How could Comey’s friend and mentor and the guy who was on watch during Uranium One have no conflict of interest?

Initially, it appeared “Trump’s Russian collusion” was an excuse for Hillary’s loss; and then it was an excuse to obstruct the new administration.  But as the pieces come together, it’s becoming clear the erroneous accusations against Trump are to keep him off Clinton’s trail and demonstrable “Democrat collusion with the Russians” since at least 2010.

It’s been proven Obama politicized the IRS to suppress Tea Party groups, so the politicization of the FBI and DOJ is now also evident.  They may have less credibility than the NFL.  The magnitude of this scandal is breathtaking; Watergate is shop lifting to this grand larceny.  The media will not, but follow the money.  Russia got uranium; Clintons got millions.  Russians got paid for dirt; Democrats got a Special Counsel to obstruct Trump.  Democrats will dance around this, but it’s the FBI and DOJ needing to cover up their crimes.

“For wicked and deceitful mouths are opened against me, speaking against me with lying tongues.  They encircle me with words of hate, and attack me without cause.”  Psalm 109:2-3


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