Russiagate ruse to mask unmasking

           Washington politics seem to be a ceaseless cesspool of incessant conspiracies.  Endless accusations and allegations feed myriad little wild fanciful fires smothering the District in speculative smoke.  This one colluded with that one and another spied on this other one, but everyone has their own facts and alternative facts.  Reality can’t be shared because the concept of truth is hopelessly distorted.  Washington has gone MAD (Mutually Assured Deception).

            Two major conspiracies are currently overflowing Washington propaganda sewers and they are very much connected.  But the dung recklessly flung in every direction is exposing a circular firing squad.  The longer running conspiracy, Russiagate is so far an unproven notion that the Trump campaign colluded with Russia for some manipulation to influence the election.  To date, every agency and investigative body has declared they have found NO evidence.

            Then there’s Trump’s sensational allegation Obama “wiretapped” him; Obama’s administration had him, his campaign, and transition team under surveillance.  Democrats indignantly howled such an accusation was preposterous!  They immediately demanded proof, but initially team Trump offered none.  FBI Director James Comey testified to Congress the FBI was not involved in any such activity.  No intelligence agency offered anything to substantiate Trump’s claims until National Security Agency (NSA) sources briefed House Intelligence Chairman, Devin Nunes (R-CA); they had evidence Trump transition team members had indeed been recorded in some kind of government surveillance. 

            The sad reality is the NSA is constantly recording all manner of data from phone calls to emails to social media for an unknown but likely enormous swath of Americans, but this expansive eavesdropping is allowed by the Patriot Act under the guise only if those Americans are conversing with foreigners.  Information collected is called “metadata” meaning it’s not specific, so analysts use computer algorithms to detect trigger words or phrases.  The NSA will only then actually listen to recordings to investigate further.

            At first superficial glance, this surveillance seems to fit neatly into the Russiagate narrative.  Many Democrats, like Senator Chuck Schumer (D-NY) even bragged the mere existence of such surveillance proved Trump’s Russian connection.  And recall numerous news outlets reported without dispute since before the election through inauguration Trump was being investigated, so was that fake news?

            Not so fast, it’s not that simple.  NSA analysts may flag specific conversations, but they are still not allowed to know the identity of any Americans.  They must have “probable cause” to “unmask” any Americans, so if all the agencies have found no evidence of Russian meddling in the election, what was the reason for “unmasking” General Flynn, Trump’s first National Security Advisor?!  And more importantly, WHO leaked that information?!  That’s a felony!

            Who else on Trump’s team was “unmasked?”  Why?  Who authorized it?  Who received those reports?  And why in his last month did Obama abruptly relax NSA rules on sharing raw data?  Widely distributing sensitive information to many more agencies without “need to know” only increases opportunities for compromise.

            Obama knew Trump was determined to reverse his legacy, so it stands to reason Obama would want to understand Trump’s plans and protect his legacy.  But how far did he go?  Obama politicized the IRS to suppress grassroots conservative groups, so how much of a stretch is it to believe his doting minions abused whatever resources to supply their boss with the best information?

            Isn’t it odd how the Trump Administration has been plagued with countless leaks and bureaucratic obstacles at every turn?  Russiagate is rapidly unraveling as it’s being exposed as simple pretense for spying on team Trump, but Democrats never figured anyone would read the law much less have the gumption to enforce it.  Democrats should worry that their inquiries will reveal the last Russian nesting doll might just be Obama.

            “But these, as natural brute beasts, made to be taken and destroyed, speak evil of the things that they understand not; and shall utterly perish in their own corruption.”  2 Peter 2:12


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