Sanitizing history and free speech will sterilize the nation

Does anyone really want to refight the Civil War?!  The vast majority of Americans consider such a proposition preposterous, but a tiny fraction of extremists from all corners crave any form of civil war.  Hating the Republic, extremists pursue any violent vehicle that could collapse our government and recast it into any one of their demented versions of dystopia.  And even more dangerous, unscrupulous elite power brokers greedily watch how they can exploit the turmoil.

The left/right paradigm is inadequate, but we must all realize regardless of labels these radical groups are all striving for tyrannical dictatorships.  Some delude themselves that radicals carrying your preferred label support your agenda; WRONG.  Tyranny serves only itself; and eventually all will lose liberty and all who resist conformity will be aggressively persecuted.

The global elite seek to control and guide the devolution of society because they have given up on humanity.  Some believe escaping morality and embracing whatever immorality is liberating, but the elite correctly recognize an “immoral and unvirtuous” people are incapable of self-government.  So globalists are quietly preparing to closely and strictly manage unruly largely uncivilized masses of seething humanity.  They don’t care about left or right, only about absolute power and total control.

The path to freedom and process of self-government has not been pretty.  While the goal is noble and generally attained, there have been ugly episodes in our history.  Our bloodiest war was the gruesome culmination of our darkest stain – slavery.  The union was nearly torn asunder; the healing has been fragile and is apparently still slow.  Not uncommon in war, the original reasons become clouded after so much death and destruction especially as common folk conscripted by their leaders take up arms.

The union was preserved, but in the tenuous peace after, there was bitter resentment between the Northern winners and Southern losers.  Despite defeat, defiance of the brutal conquest became embodied in Confederate nostalgia and right or wrong in generations since it has become a symbol of Southern pride.  Although the real causes of the Civil War can be argued ad nauseam and it was complex, the inescapable central issue was slavery.

Therefore, it’s understandable some are offended by anything hearkening back to slavery, but to others it’s the generations that rose from the ashes.  Anything can mean different things to different people, but a civilized mature society should have empathy and respect for one another.  Through proper channels, there may be names changed or statues removed, but the wholesale eradication of history is hazardous.  We can only discern why any people did something at any point in time through history; without our history we’ll forget how and why things happened.  Another pitfall is reopening old wounds trying to argue again what meant what to whom.  Sometimes, it’s better to move on because those things we are not proud of tend to fade away.

Like good or bad history, free speech must be protected, no matter how repugnant.  However, too many Americans misunderstand free speech.  Any individual has the right to speak their mind, but not the right to be heard because everyone else has the right not to listen.  That’s how a decent free people must handle free speech; the people determine to reject extremist nonsense.  Never trust a government to be the arbiter of free speech because the government will abuse its power to protect itself from any criticism.

So if we erase our history and end free speech, any effort to find truth will be sterilized in a completely sanitized version of events.  Further, extremists will be hidden.  Protecting free speech is not an endorsement of any extremists, but a necessity to preserve freedom because only the people can judge for themselves.

            “And the Lord's servant must not be quarrelsome but kind to everyone, able to teach, patiently enduring evil, correcting his opponents with gentleness. God may perhaps grant them repentance leading to a knowledge of the truth.”  2 Timothy 2:24-25


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