Skimming the swamp

            Please remain calm.  The obnoxious cacophony created by District of Columbia swamp creatures as they get sucked toward the drain can be quite disconcerting.  There is great thrashing as they flip flop positions and much gnashing of teeth as they desperately try not to choke on their hypocrisy. 

            One hopes these episodes are short lived, but sadly no.  Democrats cannot afford and will NOT tolerate even a scintilla of Trump success.  The sole Democrat strategy is to resist everything Trump and if possible, destroy anything Trump.  So, liberal media and Democrat Chicken Littles intend to keep everyone constantly scurrying about, hyperventilating, and continuously screaming “the Russian sky is falling!” 

            Democrats will maintain their fever pitch caterwauling until they extort an Independent Counsel from wobbly Republicans.  Watch for grumpy old men like Senator McCain to aid anyone trying to undermine Trump.  Pause right here.  This is the entire matter: Democrats want any tool and especially a nagging Independent Counsel to distract Trump from his agenda and hopefully hound him from office.  Democrats never conceded the election; if they can’t have the White House, no one can!

            This whole sordid spectacle has NOTHING to do with any sense of injustice or impropriety regarding Trump firing FBI Director James Comey.  Democrats don’t give a rip about Comey.  If anything, this exposes Democrats’ purely partisan purposes.  Almost every Democrat has publically claimed at least no confidence in Comey or demanded his resignation.  Hillary Clinton blatantly blamed Comey along with Russians and misogyny for her humiliating defeat.

President Trump finally agreed with Democrats and fired Comey.  Democrats flipped so fast rushing to Comey’s defense whiplash couldn’t have been avoided.  Congresswomen Maxine Waters (CA-D) even said Comey deserved to be fired by Hillary but not the Donald.  Perhaps Republicans will finally learn that no matter what Trump does, Democrats will oppose it without hesitation.

Democrats are also using the FBI Director firing to resuscitate their flagging Russian conspiracy theory.  About a year in and there is still no evidence and not even a theory about how some Trump and Russian collusion benefitted anyone.  Besides, Comey’s departure doesn’t halt any ongoing inquiries.  Remember the Russian meme is useful in extracting an Independent Counsel, but its primary purpose is an excuse and cover for Obama administration spying on political opponents.

That brings us to why Comey absolutely deserved to be fired.  It is incontrovertible that someone is illegally and regularly LEAKING highly classified government information.  And there are obvious connections from the leaked information to the “unmasked” Americans surveilled by the Obama Administration.  The scandal is a rogue FBI uninterested in a demonstrable breach in government security.

Consider the comparison when last summer Comey laid out numerous evident charges against Clinton for her mishandling of classified emails.  He detailed a case against her way more damning than any of the nebulous allegations against Trump.  Contrary to the law, Comey summarily absolved Clinton because he didn’t feel there was any “intent.”

Democrats may have groused about Comey’s odd on again off again investigations, but Obama’s snarky lackey gave him and Attorney General Loretta Lynch certain cover when he usurped Lynch’s authority to close the Clinton email investigation.  The fix was in on that tarmac with Lynch and Bill Clinton, but Comey made it publically palatable. 

He was not the apolitical transparent man of integrity, but just another political hack.  His arrogant ambition and precise partisanship are quite evident as he wrangles the news cycles to put his self-serving spin on his overdue dismissal.

Presiding over a tarnished FBI with many failings, Comey was arguably an ineffective if not incompetent director.  But most of all he epitomized how Obama politicized federal agencies from the FBI to the IRS.  Trump is finding it difficult to drain the swamp, but skimming one of its preening prima donnas is a good start.

            “But the marshes and swamps will not be purified; they will still be salty.”  Ezekiel 47:11


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