Sleazy Home Alabama exposes all

            March madness may be over, but political absurdity and insanity is still spinning out of control.  Apparently few in the press or politics grasp the concept of “too much information” or TMI.  As the press delights in distorting or exaggerating, politicians have seemingly relinquished all decency and decorum.

            The presidential primaries have devolved into a mudslinging brawl where candidates don’t realize the people wince at low blows.  Lies and accusations of lies abound, and somehow mistresses and wives, some even naked, are all campaign topics.  It’s like a bad reality show in its thirtieth season trying to shock you into watching again.

            Sadly, while the competition for insults and one liners continues, America’s many real problems are lost in the flashing lights.  And just when you think we can’t sink any lower, sleazy home Alabama exposes all.

            Leaping to the national stage, Governor Robert Bentley becomes a reality show star for sleazy slimy and yes sleazy again politicians.  The salacious details need not be recounted, but the Luv-Guv has cast a whole new dimension of creepiness. 

             A father, grandfather, and was a husband, Bentley abandoned all for lust; such an old fool should just be plain ashamed.  But, he is not.  So blinded by his sin, he cannot see he has become a huge detriment to the state and failed his family.  We all sin, but sin always takes you farther than you intend, so it’s never too soon to repent.  If Bentley has any shred of decency left, he should resign immediately!

            But, that’s not the whole story.  The rest of the story is an incompetent media, corrupt politicians, ineffective political parties, and disengaged voters.  This story broke last summer but after a few media mentions – crickets.  Where were all those hard-nosed investigative journalists?  Why did this story go silent until Bentley fired Spencer Collier who giddily throws stones from a glass house for vengeance? 

            What about our other elected officials sworn to serve?  Collier was certainly not the only one to know something was amiss.  Of course, the state House re-elected a speaker under 23 felony count indictment, so expecting integrity and leadership there is silly.  Nothing from the Senate or Attorney General, but finally State Auditor, Jim Zeigler, filed an ethics complaint.  But one must wonder how we get justice when all the monkeys in Montgomery see no evil, hear no evil, but oh they whisper it.

            Then there is the Alabama Republican Party that fooled the people into re-electing a lying cheating governor.  Bentley is hurting Alabama, and every second he sits in office does irreparable damage to the Republican brand.  Don’t let others clean your house!

            Josh Moon wrote in the Montgomery Advertiser that the sorry people of Alabama do indeed deserve the likes of Bentley; and he has a point.  Not exactly the point is trying to drive, but he is right to chastise the Republican Party for foisting this terrible governor on Alabama and the people for electing a liar twice.

            Moon has launched a few tirades of uber liberal righteous indignation that Bentley’s implosion proves the failure of conservatism; that a state that won’t tax its citizens to death to cater and create more dependency deserves damnation.  And, this comes with the old byline that this fallen Christian shows Christianity is also fallible.

            There is his biggest deception and a God fearing people’s biggest failure.  Christianity is the worship of Christ, not Christians who are fallible.  Conservative principles are not discredited by people pretending to be conservative.  The real problem is Bentley was never a conservative and abandoned his Christianity, but even further state government has been more corrupt than conservative. 

            Christianity and conservatism have nothing to do with any of these messes, but it’s our fault for looking the other way for whatever reason and reelecting not just flawed people but frauds.  Alabama should lead the nation and hold this governor accountable; impeach Bentley now!

            “But test them all; hold on to what is good, reject every kind of evil.”  1 Thessalonians 5:21-22


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