Super Tuesday spawns super temper tantrums

Super Tuesday did not disappoint.  It certainly heightened drama, peaked voter participation, and focused animosities in an already contentious primary season.  As the competition intensifies, the attacks get sharper but sadly not smarter. 

Rubio tantalized his followers the day before with innuendo about Trump’s privates.  Seriously?  Much of these campaigns are already hard to take without whipping out low blow imagery.  Trump too has engaged in personal attacks, but such attacks reflect more about the attacker than their victims.

By what seemed the 111th GOP debate, the cheap shots and name calling have become quite tiresome and dangerous.  Voters must be wondering if they are being conned by losers.  Of course, lashing out in frustration as candidates are literally scratching for their last campaign breath can become understandably heated.

The angst among GOP elite has been growing for a while, but it finally blew out in a royal hissy fit when the 2012 Republican standard bearer could contain himself no more.  Mitt Romney gave a widely covered speech not to support a particular candidate or specifically question Trump’s credentials or policy proposals.  He burst out with guns blazing to personally malign and call for a crusade to stop at all costs the GOP front runner, “The Donald.”

Oddly enough, Romney had some legitimate points about genuine convictions and actual policies, but that all fell flat quite frankly because Trump is right.  Romney is basically a two time loser.  Who wants to listen to Romney now?  Or for that matter, any Republican leader? 

They are the problem.  Beyond abandoning conservative principles and failing miserably at governing, the GOP has lied to its base, neglected it, and now disdains it.  So, the last person disenfranchised conservatives want to hear from is an aristocratic probably RINO. 

Romney is a decent man and probably would have made a decent president, but his feeble attempt to recreate Reagan’s famous “a time for choosing” speech was an abysmal failure.  Romney is certainly no Reagan, but more importantly right now, he is no Trump.  So, he only reinforced the notion the GOP elite despise their base by attacking the people’s choice. 

He felt he had to instruct the heartland dunderheads about who they should like; and direct the other candidates to coordinate blocking and flanking maneuvers to get to a brokered convention where this can all be settled civilly behind closed smoky doors.  The arrogance and entitlement are hard to miss.  Contrasting his grateful 2012 acceptance of Trump’s endorsement, Romney sounded petty.  He severely diminished himself.

Pent up anger seemed to be the mantra of Super Tuesday exit polls.  The electorate is angry about the direction of the country, but they are furious with inept government and even more so with ineffective Republican stewardship.  That may be the prevailing sentiment, but not the results of the elections.  Down ballot most incumbents won handily, dispatching grassroots challengers with bruising majorities.

In illogical irony, voters will fiercely defend and follow a brash unpolished candidate long on insults but seemingly short on ideas simply because he is a Washington outsider.  They are determined to get the Trump wrecking ball in the White House, but they blithely vote back in all the Washington insiders to welcome him into their Byzantine empire of power lust.

There is something eerily familiar about putting all your faith in one mortal champion to correct all the nations’ ills while disregarding other culprits simply because they come bearing pork and also dismissing our duty to be better citizens.

All the nattering about to Trump or not to Trump is entertaining, but just electing a President Trump guarantees nothing.  Until we relearn that only God can bless America, we can throw infinite tantrums, but He will not turn to us until we turn back to Him.

"If you return to the Almighty, you will be restored; if you remove unrighteousness far from your tent.”  Job 22:23


Pete Riehm2016-03-14 14:12

David, Thanks for visiting and reading my column. A jump from Carson to Clinton is simply a leap too far. Not opposed to a third party, but at this point I would vote for any Republican over Hillary. Of course, I would be curious to see an Oval Office in San Quentin. Thanks. Pete

David Hanlin2016-03-13 16:32

You were all in for Dr. Carson, Pete, and now Carson has endorsed Trump. Looks like you just may be voting for Hillary.