Tapped, Tripped, and Trapped

           The accusations, allegations, and avoidances in Washington keep getting curiouser and curiouser.  After President Trump knocked his State of the Union Address out of the park with about 70+% approval across the land, the liberal cabal of press and politicians wasn’t about to let that huge shot of good public relations hang in the media air, so they scrambled to launch anti-Trump quick response #3,642, “Sessions spoke to a Russian.”

            Despite being a baseless charge, another round of Russian roulette worked to bump Trump’s good story out of the news cycle; the Russian ruse is really the only anti-Trump propaganda getting any traction.  Headlines and long knives were all pointed at Attorney General Jeff Sessions for nothing more than doing his job as Senator, but early that Saturday it seemed Trump threw a huge bone into the Democrats’ borscht.

            In a predawn tweet, Trump accused Obama of having Trump Tower “wire tapped” before the election.  Overcome with a heady mixture of elation and indignation, Democrats and journalists thought Trump finally jumped the shark with such an absurd tweet slandering his predecessor that they could finally damage his credibility enough to relegate his nascent presidency to irrelevant impotency.  A giddy firestorm raged through the weekend into Monday as Democrats turned to an excited media condemning Trump and demanding proof. 

            Just like relentless Russian rumors, everyone was ready to settle into weeks and perhaps months of non-stop harping on Trump’s ostensibly false but grave accusation that Obama bugged his campaign.  But suddenly, the whole charade almost disappeared from the news.  Obama’s Director of National Intelligence, James Clapper quietly appeared and stated there was no wiretapping, but there was also no Russian interference in the election.  Ok, that’s it?  Like some kind of odd truce; we’re all even now?  Just forget about it and move on?  Uh, what happened?  When do Democrats let Republicans off the hook?

            Once apoplectic liberals caught their breath and senior Democrat operatives reflected on their demands for proof, did they decide they didn’t want any proof?  Has the impetuous Trump outfoxed the Democrats?

            The past few weeks have been bizarre, but this story has been unfolding for months.  Last summer, Trump joked that maybe the Russians could find Hillary’s missing emails since they were accused of hacking the DNC.  Democrats exploded with indignant derision that the Republican candidate would ask a foreign power to hack another candidate.  Many deemed it a Trump gaffe, or was it a hook?

            As WikiLeaks trickled out embarrassing Democrat emails, the Russians were considered the prime suspects.  Even before Hillary’s surprise defeat, media was teeing up the excuse Trump colluded with Russians to win.  Right before the election, media outlets were reporting FISA Court warrants had been granted to monitor certain Trump campaign personnel.  No one disputed those claims then and still no one disputes that FISA warrants were requested and apparently one was granted.

            But everyone denies asking or doing it!

            By December, the CIA and FBI supposedly concluded the Russians “influenced” the election, but could not find any evidence of hacking voting systems.  It was about that time some agency recorded Trump’s first NSA director, Mike Flynn, talking to the Russian ambassador.  Even on the eve of the inauguration, the New York Times breathlessly reported this would be the first administration taking office with multiple intelligence agencies “monitoring Trump campaign associates for Russian ties.”

            So, it appears more than likely the Trump campaign was wiretapped.  The media and Democrats have testified to it for months claiming intelligence agencies have been gathering information about Russia and Trump.  However, did they get tripped up accusing Trump of collusion with Russians?  Since there is still no evidence, are they trapped by their own allegations?  Was this just an elaborate scheme by the party in power to monitor an opponent’s campaign? 

            “Thou art snared with the words of thy mouth, thou art taken with the words of thy mouth.”  Proverbs 6:2


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