Teen Vogue turns Teen Vice

          Take a deep breath.  The issue herein is so absurd, astounding, and morally offensive; it’s hard to believe such vile perverted propaganda is being catered to our children.  Before delving into the lurid details, what is Teen Vogue?  Fashion and lifestyle magazine, Vogue launched Teen Vogue in 2003 targeting teenage girls; presumably to attract new younger readers who would eventually graduate to the adult version.

            Initially, Teen Vogue was exactly that; a teenage version of fashion tips average people don’t or won’t use and lifestyle ideas from kooky celebrities.  With declining sales in 2015, it appears the pierced, ripped jeans, tattooed, Technicolor hair youth weren’t that into high fashion.  So they added politics and current affairs to stimulate readership with activism.  Teenage girls are interested in teenage boys, so some romance guidance and boy toy stuff should be what a girl wants.  But sex always sells, so they amped up their sex advice column.

            Most parents are shocked at this moment that a teen magazine is offering sex advice to their underage daughters, but take another deep breath – it’s much worse.  Teen Vogue hired self-proclaimed sex educator and feminist, Gigi Engle to write their sex advice column.  A Fordham University English and Journalism Major with no formal training in sexuality, Ms Engle is a twenty-something gal who bases her sex expert status on her exhaustive self-exploration with her expansive stock pile of naughty toys.

            Her extensive experience can’t be denied in her excruciatingly detailed and gritty sex advice columns.  For some adult sexually oriented magazine, she’s sure to find work.  But her content is wholly inappropriate for minors!  And why would Teen Vogue publishers think encouraging underage girls to experiment with sex is acceptable or even helpful?!

            Some may be wondering if this is just a prudish rant; how bad could it be?  Before answering, most will agree some form of teenage sex education is appropriate.  Teens intuitively know about sex and will figure out the basics on their own without Ms Engle’s erotic enlightenment.  Any teen sex advice column should be a mature discussion about the consequences and even dangers of sex since minors are not yet of the age of consent.

            And that’s really where Teen Vogue crossed the line; not only ethically and morally, but also possibly legally.  Beyond her vivid detail and very specific instructions, Ms Engle’s columns also enthusiastically encourage minors to have sex!  To experiment with sex!  To seek sex partners!!!

            Earlier columns for Teen Vogue were mostly about masturbation.  Even without explicit and novel instructions, most parents generally wouldn’t approve, but those columns probably didn’t get wider attention because they didn’t encourage sex with others.  Ms Engle’s July column blew the barn door into the next county.

            She dubbed it “Anal 101” for beginners!  Grab the smelling salts.  Ms Engle gave comprehensive instructions on how to have anal sex; she was even meticulous for “non-prostate owners” or “prostate owners.”  She magnanimously included homosexual sex for any young lads perusing a teen girl magazine.  Singing its praises, she encourages minors to seek the same backward satisfaction she enjoys.  She recommends children insert items into their rectums, but she did warn only to use items with flared ends so they don’t get lost!

            Already beyond the pale, Ms Engle recommends minors frankly discuss anal sex with their partners!  Whoa!  Many Teen Vogue readers are under the age of consent, so is she not guilty of “corruption of a minor?”   Remember the uproar over cartoonish Joe Camel potentially enticing children to smoke.  Our society stopped a tobacco company from tempting kids and so too should we stop Teen Vogue from seducing them.

            Churches, schools, parent groups, and perhaps some District Attorneys must stop Teen Vogue from encouraging and glamorizing teenage sex.

            “But whoever causes one of these little ones who believe in me to sin, it would be better for him to have a great millstone fastened around his neck and to be drowned in the depth of the sea.”  Matthew 18:6


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