Thanksgiving is Also a Time for Prayer

Thanksgiving is the first uniquely American holiday. The first most notable Thanksgiving was celebrated almost 400 years ago when Plymouth pilgrims finally had a bountiful harvest in 1621 and invited local Indian friends to feast and give thanks to God for their abundance.

The Continental Congress proclaimed a day of Thanksgiving in 1777 to thank God for their copious blessings and pray for His continued blessings in the pursuit of a just war to protect and guarantee the God given rights of every America. Here we are again giving thanks as we should for our manifest blessings, but more than ever we need to pray for God’s continued blessings to preserve our American way of life.

Our early leaders made many Thanksgiving proclamations and most included a day of prayer and fasting because they wisely knew we could never thank God enough and we still needed Him. Finally, President Lincoln declared Thanksgiving a national holiday in 1863.

For generations Americans routinely gave thanks to God for our land of plenty and growing prosperity, but most of all we gave thanks for freedom. We thanked God for creating us to be free and for the opportunity to worship and work freely; and we were infinitely grateful to God for giving us a Republic that acknowledged Him and was dedicated to preserving our God given rights.

God has bestowed manifold generous gifts upon America and Americans knew everything we had came from God. But somewhere along the way, we forgot God in all the goodies. We started thinking we achieved prosperity without Him, so we forgot all the freedoms received from God and started pursuing freedom from God Himself!<./i>

God is generous, but He is holy. He gave us His Word to live by a beneficial blueprint. But, we wanted freedom from God’s requirements. Freedom from morality, from prayer, from religion; in short freedom from God. We chaffed at restrictions and rebuffed any consequences. We want all the benefits without the responsibilities.

Americans have come to a point where we even disdain freedom itself. College kids demand to be shielded from free speech because their closed minds and fragile brains cannot handle ideas that require accountability. Too many Americans cheer a government that regularly runs rough shod over freedom of religion, freedom of assembly, and freedom of speech.

This Thanksgiving Americans still have much to be thankful for, but the prosperity, security, and freedom are slipping. We need to thank God for being long suffering and merciful because America is far afield from our Judeo-Christian roots.

Despite all our transgressions and wrongheaded endeavors, Americans should be thankful God still has the answers and if we turn to Him, He will heal our land. We should be thankful America still has an opportunity to obtain forgiveness and thankful for the certainty that God will ultimately prevail.

The question is will America be with God again. Will we wait for judgment or seek His blessing? We need to heed the lessons from our founders. They gave thanks to God often, but it was always coupled with fervent prayer and supplications to God the Almighty to continue to bless America and deliver us from our enemies.

As always, we have enemies both foreign and domestic, but we can be confidently thankful for deliverance if we will only seek His face and pray for God’s mercy. When America is with God, God is with America. Always give thanks, but please remember to pray for our country – it’s vitally imperative.

“Has a nation changed its gods, even though they are no gods? But my people have changed their glory for that which does not profit.” Jeremiah 2:11


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