The Great American Scam

Americans are worried.  We have always been worried about our country because freedom is precious, but there is palpable panic sweeping the nation.  Democracy is inherently fragile, so Americans have always been vigilant about freedom.  Doubt abides perpetually, but the idea that we could lose our republic is unthinkable.

            Has the unthinkable crept upon America incrementally?  Benjamin Franklin when queried after the Constitutional Convention, “what have you given us?”  Answered curtly, “A republic if you can keep it.”  Have we lost our republic?  The consuming fear has always been that one day we could, but no one thought it would ever happen. 

Disturbing revelations from Wikileaks leaked Clinton emails and the shocking undercover videos by Project Veritas of Democrat and Clinton operatives bragging how they circumvented our open electoral process to covertly manipulate the media and public including fomenting unrest should shake Americans to their core.

Voters may be feeling like Truman Burbank the hopelessly deceived protagonist in the 1998 film, “The Truman Show.”  Depicting the extreme epitome of reality TV, Truman was an unwanted baby cast by TV producers to be unknowingly raised in a completely fabricated artificial world where everyone including his family are fictional characters. 

Truman was the lone real person in his world; everything he ever knew was a lie.  American voters are discovering disconcerting similarities.  Beyond family and friends, the public world at large may be more illusion than reality.  Wikileaks has uncovered incredible collusion between the Democrat Party and the media.  Sure, 90% of the media are liberal, but they are way beyond sympathetic – they are fully vested partners in the Clinton campaign.

Beyond the blatant double standard, the media actually coordinates news with Democrats.  They allow the Clinton campaign editorial influence; Hillary can veto questions or quotes.  The media dwells on every insinuation against Trump, but reports almost nothing on actionable evidence of Clinton wrong doing from enabling Bill’s misbehavior to Benghazi to mishandled classified emails to the Clinton Foundation and State Department pay to play.

With media cover, Clinton can be breathtakingly brazen in her prevarications.  In the final debate, she claimed the Clinton Foundation spends 90% on charitable endeavors when records show barely 6%.  Haitians know better, but Hillary knows the press will not call her on it.

The most sensational shameless lie was when Hillary chastised Trump for violence at his rallies knowing full well Democrat operatives were paid by the DNC and Clinton Campaign to disrupt Trump events and even incite violence.  They admitted to paying union thugs, homeless people, and even the mentally ill to do their dirty work.

Like Truman, voters cannot learn this from the news or so called journalists.  The American people have to rely on hackers and alleged outlaws beyond the establishment media bubble to break through with a morsel of truth.  Thanks to Wikileaks we know from Hillary’s two faced mouth that she maintains both a public and private position. 

Who can we trust?  What is real?  Even polling is polarized.  Thanks to bloggers and social media voter fraud and manipulation reports are proliferating.  The press and politicians dismiss any such notions, but 72% of voters are concerned about the security and integrity of the election.  So when Trump said he would reserve judgement on the election outcome, most Americans nodded in prudent agreement.

But pundits and establishment officials were apoplectic!  How could Trump doubt the American election system?  The very people caught lying; the ones undermining our elections are screaming foul.

The press hoped their appeal to patriotism would tarnish Trump, but it backfired.  We know we’re being scammed.  Once the integrity of our elections is lost, the peaceful transition of power is in grave jeopardy.  The people know the danger and fear it, but tyrants don’t.  Perhaps that’s why politicians play this perilous game.

“This know also, that in the last days perilous times shall come.”  2 Timothy 3:1


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