The Wuthering Heights of Hypocrisy

Uncouth “locker room” talk is simply indefensible.  It’s always inappropriate especially in public and even when a private conversation is revealed; it’s still inappropriate.  Whether lewd comments or gossip, when exposed any person with a modicum of decency can only apologize and repent.  Who can honestly claim they have never said anything they regret?

Donald Trump has apologized, but finds no hint of forgiveness from the main stream media.  The media’s intransigence might be understandable if their standards and treatment were equitable to all public figures, but they are so far from fair and balanced that their one sided approach is a breathtaking high wire act with no net.

In the second presidential debate, Trump expressed contrition for his crass words, but rightly pointed out that his words do not compare to the criminal actions of Bill Clinton in decades of serial sexual assaults.  Further, the Democrat nominee not only protected her husband, she actively pursued the utter personal destruction of countless victims she callously dismisses as bimbos.  Complicit in his crimes; Hillary Clinton enables an unrepentant rapist and womanizer solely for political gain.

Yet, the media has no interest in the Clintons’ excessive abuses.  They badger Trump’s daughter about her father’s treatment of women, but dare not ask Chelsea Clinton.  And we have learned from Wikileaks that Hillary is never queried because she preapproves any questions directed to her.  The ostensibly independent press has abandoned objectivity and forfeited integrity to become fully vested partisans in the Clinton campaign.

The American people have been deprived of accurate information and honest reporting.  Journalism is all but dead; the people must rely on hackers to stealthily uncover facts the main stream media is ignoring if not busy burying.

The insult to injury after unbelievably biased reporting is the staggering hypocrisy.  Hillary facilitated a sexual predator; old news, but “The Donald” said naughty things.  She drags a string of serious scandals over 30 years including dozens of mysterious deaths; that’s conspiracy nonsense, but Trump legally filing bankruptcy a few times is a reproachable affront.

 Clinton failed miserably in Libya; weapons were funneled to ISIS, Libya collapsed into a gaping hole for ISIS to fill, and Americans abandoned in battle died due to Hillary Clinton’s grave negligence.  The media yawns, but has conniptions over Trump saying Putin is a better leader than Obama.  Not to mention, Obama and Hillary’s Russian reset has imploded into brewing war.

And, Hillary Clinton bold faced lied to the American people that some esoteric video sparked the attacks in Benghazi!  Crickets from the media!

Far from perfect and perhaps a cad, Trump is a known quantity – his supporters never imagined him a choir boy.  Michelle Obama epitomized liberal hypocrisy when she gasped she had never heard such words.  She and Barack regularly hob-nob in the White House with celebrities who profit from rapping the most disturbing misogynistic vulgar garbage imaginable.  Such trashy words are probably on her MP3 player.

No one was surprised Trump said untoward things nor surprised the Democrats pursued personal attacks.  An awful candidate with a failed record, Hillary’s only hope is to create chaos with unending smears and smut to emotionalize the election.  She can’t win on substance, so her only strategy is to foment turmoil to distract the people from the issues until they vote emotionally.

Sadly, some Republicans took the bait and jumped ship at the first shot declaring Trump unfit.  Their rapidity smacked of a prepared response; the finger was on the trigger.  Thinking they stood for principle, their ill-timed self-righteousness revealed their hypocrisy.  But voters had an immediate violent backlash, so these errant Republicans started back-peddling fast! 

Fair weather Republicans exposed their tepid support for reform, reminded us how they never really stood up to Obama, and signaled they will not stand up to President Hillary either.

“Whoever is without sin among you, let him be the first to cast a stone” John 8:7


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