The great American anxiety attack

            America is on edge.  It’s not a new phenomenon, but just when you think things can’t get worse.  It gets unimaginably worse.  One could say America has been in varying stages of anxiety since the Vietnam War, but the past decade or so seems more intense.

            It’s as if backwards is forwards, right is wrong, wrong is right, and the nation is tilting badly, but government and media keep pushing harder hoping to make everything upside down.  Sure, havoc sells news and gives government a purpose, but why this penchant for instability?

            Every aspect of American culture and society is in flux.  Economic uneasiness has not recovered since the 2008 great recession.  We are in the longest streak of below 3% growth the past century.  At only about 2.2% average growth for nine years, we have been losing ground almost a decade.

            Private sector median income steadily declines while the public sector rises.  We are constantly told there is no inflation, but our purchasing power keeps shrinking.  The federal government also habitually lies about unemployment.

            Working people know unemployment is much higher than officially reported, and that angst is compounded by illegal immigration.  OK, no one agrees what to do about millions of illegal aliens already here, but why not stop the flow to get a handle on the situation.  Oh no, workers are frustrated, so the government will double down with open borders.

            What?  You think America belongs to Americans?  No, the federal government thinks America belongs to them and they don’t particularly like Americans.  So, they will show us.  Fling open the borders!  Stop deportations!

            Security?  You’re worried about terrorist attacks on our soil?  ISIS regularly vows more attacks on America and we have suffered already, but public safety is of no concern.  The borders will stay open and unguarded; and just to make sure, Obama will import thousands of Muslim migrants to plant Islamic colonies.

            Persistently gloomy economic forecasts and growing security threats are daunting, but we as Americans can press ahead together and overcome.  What is the government and media contribution?  Division.

            Everyone and everything in America is absolutely racist, so the media and academia encourage minorities to stand up to their oppressors which is everyone white and especially law enforcement.  Forget reaching out to communities or encouraging troubled youth to eschew criminal ways; just protest the police and promote thuggery.  Go ahead and burn down your neighborhood, the government is ready to move you into another one.

            Traditional values?  Societal norms?  Common morality?  There’ll be none of that.  The Supreme Court usurped legislative authority and created gay marriage, but that was only the beginning.  Incredibly, it is now an open debate whether men should be able to use the women’s bathroom?  Americans literally stand in silent shock at the absurdity.

            Even the push to change the faces on our money is not really about honoring anyone else in history, it’s about poking Americans in the eye.  Your history sucks, so it will be replaced.

            Americans are extremely anxious as evidenced by the vitriol in the presidential campaigns, but all this turmoil is not without purpose.  Progressives are determined to undermine our Constitutional republic, but an upright “moral and virtuous” citizenry remains an obstacle.

            However, if American culture can be diluted and society weakened, the path is clear.  Therefore, progressive forces are determined to undefine the family, eviscerate any sense of morality, make laws ambiguous and unjust, and encourage any destructive behaviors and dependency.

            When chaos reigns and the people cannot moderate themselves nor provide for themselves, they have a need of masters to keep order.  So if the great American anxiety attack can be turned into a complete breakdown, progressive forces are eager to offer us asylum in their totalitarian utopia.

            “Be anxious for nothing, but in everything by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known to God.”  Philippians 4:6


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