The right shuns extremists; the left feeds them

           The cold calculated merciless attack on Congressional Republicans, their families, and staffers while practicing for a charity baseball game is the most momentous assassination attempt since a wild eyed John Hinckley shot President Ronald Reagan.  Make no mistake and do not underestimate; the liberal loon from Illinois was seeking a change in government by assassination.

            After such a brazen horrific attack, a natural initial instinct is to seek security and comfort.  In a civilized society, differences are put aside in times of tragedy as people try to come together hoping we can find common ground to reject the evil act.  Then take a step back to determine how a community can unify and deter future violent aggression.

            There was a brief respite when Nancy Pelosi agreed with Paul Ryan condemning the attack; and when Democrat and Republican Baseball teams had a moment of silence for the victims.  At least until Democrat staffers booed Trump at the charity game and sympathy ran out.  The problem is not that a tenuous peace was fleeting, but that it may be impossible.

            The challenge in the wake of tragedy is candid introspection and magnanimity from all sides.  But it also requires good faith and therein lies the conundrum.  Many Democrats and liberals undoubtedly have compassion for the victims and earnestly condemn the vile cowardly violence, but like supposedly moderate Muslims immediately return to radical Mosques vociferously preaching Jihad.

            Did hateful vicious rhetoric spawn this violence?  The left’s relentless drumbeat of malicious messages have several destructive dimensions.  For a few decades now, Democrats routinely seek support by scaring voters with death by Republicans.  Tired mantras like Republicans want to poison the air and water to kill children, throw Grandma over the healthcare cliff, and starve the elderly and homeless.  Finally, President Trump withdrew from the Paris Climate Agreement sentencing millions to agonizing death on a perishing planet.

            After insisting Republicans mean everyone harm, Democrats then swear Republicans cheated and are illegitimate office holders.  Usually accusing Republicans of lying and voter suppression, Democrats have inexplicably turned on their old commie chums and now rabidly repeat fake news stories about Russian collusion.  Incessantly chanting Trump is a traitor, Democrats have promised Trump will not last; they will purge the treasonous pretender to the throne.  Liberals wake everyday wondering who will finally rid them of Trump.

            Setting the stage with fear of evil Republicans and angst about stolen elections, liberals abetted by Hollywood and media poison public discourse with habitual threats and disturbing violent images.  So with the Democrat base indoctrinated that Republicans are murderers and thieves, hostility grows as fanatical liberals laugh about every celebrity wanting to punch Trump, beat him with golf club, or just blow up the White House.  And when a Trump look alike is brutally stabbed to death nightly in Central Park, that’s just art.  Is the severed head of sitting president innocent expression?  During the Obama years, the mere mention of a noose shut down college campuses.

            Democrats are only open to bipartisanship when Republicans surrender or liberal hate goes over the top.  Democrats then recast some old attacks, suggest it’s a common problem, insinuate we’re even, and go right backing to spewing hate.  But there’s a colossal difference!  Conservatives shun extremists; radicalism is censured, racists condemned, and any violent actors are ejected.  Liberals however feed extremists and coddle radicalism.

            Democrats laud environmental wackos who vandalize property.  They support Black Lives Matter and other hate groups that clamor for dead police; and Democrats are delighted with masked cowards called ANTIFA as they riot anonymously, destroy property, and attack anyone exercising free speech. 

            Violence can come from any extreme, but it’s not policy for conservatives.  But for liberals it’s not just strategy; it’s a logical progression.  Claiming Republicans have stolen elections to kill Americans, we’re doomed until Trump is removed.  When people become desperate with no recourse, violence becomes an option.  Democrats are extremely desperate, so expect increasing violence – national turmoil is their strategy.

            “Everyone who does evil hates the light, and will not come into the light for fear that their deeds will be exposed.”  John 3:20


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