The road to Utopia

            What a week!  Islamist terror attacks across America, racial tensions boiling over with more police involved shootings, riots in another major American city only quelled by military troops in the streets.  Is this the new normal in post-racial America?!  Hopefully not, but it’s the legacy of President Barack Hussein Obama.

            Obama highlighted the tragic irony of his failed presidency at his last United Nations appearance where he said: “Over the past 25 years we have become safer and more prosperous.”

            What reality show is he watching?  Oh, the UN channel where they have plenty of propaganda to justify international extortion to fill the coffers of their corrupt colleagues.  He wasn’t really talking about America and actually seldom is.  His focus is always on the world and bringing more people into a better order that transcends borders and nations for that matter.

            The Washington Beacon summarized his speech as “submit to global government.”  He brazenly proclaimed powerful nations like America must be “constrained.”  Why does an American president go to the hopelessly corrupt and ineffective UN to recommend American power should be limited and authority subordinated to the worst pack of unelected unaccountable charlatans on the earth?

Obama’s farewell speech or perhaps job interview was nonsensical; he extolled glowing details of his success while the world descended deeper into chaos.  But little world leaders say and do makes much sense.

            Obama’s own State Department admits terrorists are trying to sneak into the refugee system and they’re unable to counter it.  However, Obama and Hillary Clinton are adamant we must import more Muslim refugees even though they randomly and regularly attack Americans.  They insist we’re safer with open borders and better with more refugees.  That doesn’t make sense surveying the routine carnage of Obama’s new normal.

            Progressive European leaders also demand Europe must accept and resettle millions of Muslim migrants despite the ridiculous spike in crime as a barbaric medieval culture confronts a tired old world culture that equates abandoning convictions with enlightenment.  Europeans are ill-equipped and perhaps not even motivated to preserve their culture. 

Europe’s agnostic bland temperance is no match for rabid Islam.  Wallowing in their self-induced vulnerability, they wait to become victims while progressive leaders like Germany’s Mad Merkel exhorts frightened Germans with nonsense like “Islam belongs to Germany.”  It won’t be long and Germany will belong to Islam.

            Billionaire George Soros has committed $500 Million to resettling Muslim migrants in Europe.  Half a Billion would go a long way to restoring Muslim homelands, so why not help people where they live?  People love their homelands.  Why insist multitudes abandon their countries?

            Mass migration and forcibly integrating incompatible cultures creates incredible turmoil and certain strife.  This makes no sense unless there is another agenda or even desire to exploit instability.

            Progressive leaders are clearly pushing for globalism.  Some crave the power but some sincerely think the only way governments can provide for planetary populations is to filter all people into a one size fits all culture.

            Globalists believe any form of individualism or independence like nationalism or religion is deviant behavior; it’s counter to the cohesion and effectiveness of integrated government, so it must be mitigated or eradicated.  And for world government to work, they’re right.  They need universal undisputed uniformity.

            Progressives see Islam as a tool to either dilute or defeat Christianity.  Either the masses are so repulsed by the excessive atrocities of Islam that all religions are rejected or unavoidable violence requires a heavy hand by some international authority.  Power is consolidated by stripping the people of their beliefs or forcibly oppressing them to maintain order.

They erroneously believe they can manage either outcome, but men cannot handle the battles of good and evil alone.

            “For we do not wrestle against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the cosmic powers over this present darkness, against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly places.”  Ephesians 6:12


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