The tremendous cost and terrible stain of abortion

It has been 45 years since the awful Roe Versus Wade ruling that legalized abortion across the nation.  The evil magnitude of this miscarriage of justice is really unfathomable when one considers some 60 million unborn babies have been murdered in the United States of America since 1973.  Difficult to grasp, but we have literally exterminated about 18% of our population for the convenience of the rest.  Anybody want to explain that on Judgment Day?

Generally, abortion advocates don’t believe in Judgment Day, so that argument falls short.  Apparently unconcerned about their own souls, why aren’t supposedly much more compassionate liberals repulsed by the absolute horror of slaughtering the most defenseless innocent among us?  And we know according to Project Veritas even selling the butchered body parts!  Utterly gruesome, but since polite liberals and duplicitous media hide the grisly details of chopping up babies or sucking their brains out, they are comfortable ignoring the crime.

Feminists have been screaming for decades it is their bodies, so it is solely their “choice” about the little lives in their wombs.  Well, if you have the privilege of bringing forth life, you should be more responsible with your body.  Feminists will howl at that because they side step the “life” issue by insisting it’s “just tissue” and they are certain women wish to trade the honor of carrying life for no strings attached copious meaningless sex.

Seriously, with all the technology and means for birth control, why do women still need the barbaric right to kill their children to be equal to men?  Beyond the staggering loss of life, abortion advocates also make unwitting mothers victims too.  Hiding the hideous reality of infanticide, liberals encourage and excuse mothers to become murderers.  They slyly hiss “it’s just tissue,” “it’s your right,” and “it’s all about you.”  But many of these women are haunted later in life when they realize they elected to sacrifice their child’s innocent life for their cheap carnal lifestyle.

The press and purveyors of pop culture would have you believe the sinister euphemism for abortion, “pro-choice,” is a dominant opinion in America.  Not so fast baby killers.  A recent Marist poll sponsored by the Knights of Columbus still finds 76% of Americans want at least restrictions on abortion; even 60% of abortion proponents support restrictions.  While 51% identify as “pro-choice,” more than 60% of Americans oppose late term abortions and also don’t want tax payer dollars used to snuff out infants.

As the first sitting president to address the “March for Life,” pundits have made much about President Trump being formerly “pro-choice.”  Before being president, he stated “I am pro-choice in every respect, but I just hate it.”  Trump’s previous position is typical cowardly reasoning for folks who just don’t want to face the brutal ugliness of abortion.  Until it’s your wife, girlfriend, or daughter, or you come into a position of authority, it’s simply easier and perhaps safer to avoid the fierce controversy, acquiesce to shrill demands for abortion, and just leave the Femi-Nazis to their bloodlust.

As president, Trump realized his responsibility for American lives and so found the courage and conviction to stand for life.  Shortly after taking office, he reinstated Reagan’s “Mexico City” policy which prohibits any non-governmental organization that receives federal funds from performing or promoting abortions.  He has reversed other Obama era infringements on liberty by allowing companies and employees to abstain from committing or supporting things that violate their religious beliefs.  He also supports halting federal funding for the wicked Planned Parenthood.

In his historic speech to the 45th “March for Life,” Trump emphasized our first right promised in the Declaration of Independence - the right to life.  Protecting life is our most important duty.  Every life must be considered precious, so if we fail to protect the most innocent and vulnerable lives, we can never expect the government to hold all lives as equal and sacred.

“Behold, children are a gift of the LORD, The fruit of the womb is a reward.”  Psalm 127:3


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