Throwing innocence and youth under the school bus

With summer vacations ending, kids across the country are returning to school.  Some will be glad; some won’t.  But few will experience the innocence of simpler times.  Times weren’t really simpler, but society didn’t let life complexities cloud important issues, like education.

Education is essential to development, but too much of education has been sacrificed for enlarged self-esteems, hypersensitive safe spaces, misplaced priorities, and plain political correctness.  The emphasis has shifted from what children learn to how they feel.

Feelings are certainly not unimportant, but when subjective feelings become the prime focus, the learning process takes a back seat.  Our society has become so enlightened, we erroneously think addressing every imaginable topic earlier is better.

We used to let children be children while they discover and learn.  In days gone by, kids going to school worried about who would be their teacher, where they would sit, who would they eat lunch with, or would they get picked for a team.  And teachers’ top concerns were chewing gum, running in the halls, and talking in class.

Schools are now steeped in perils for mind, body, and spirit.  It’s not the teachers’ fault our culture continues its immoral plunge, but school kids face real dangers from drugs, violence, and even sex.  Despite a plethora of kooky ideas for education, educators still thankfully oppose drug use and discourage violence, but modern approaches to sex education are troublesome.

Going to school and interacting with others should be a wonderful time of discovery and growth.  Kids learn how to get along, how to share, and how to be friends.  Sometimes simple human interaction can be challenging and puzzling, so why would anyone expect adding the murky aspects of sexuality to a kids’ bright new world would enhance their education?

Sexuality should be taught at some point, but timing is everything.  Why can’t children just learn about friendship without worrying about another’s private parts or whether your school chum has some odd affinity for various private parts?  We used to simply say to children they should only be concerned with their own parts and the rest is nobody’s business.

We don’t allow kids to drive, smoke, or drink alcohol not because they may never drive, smoke, or drink, but because those are adult activities that require maturity to navigate.  Sexuality really should be nobody else’s business, so why do leftist educators insist on confusing kids with all manner of assorted sexual proclivities?  Perversion knows no bounds, so once we push our kids into the abyss of unfettered sexuality, there is no way to know where they will land and for that matter if they will ever land.

The Obama Administration ignited a national firestorm when they dictated all public schools must accommodate trans-gender students across the board or risk federal funding.  Fourteen states including Alabama have filed suit; and Alabama Attorney General Luther Strange suggested public schools simply disregard the illegal unwanted federal intrusion.

The liberal education industry too eagerly pushes such sexual indoctrination.  Charlotte-Mecklenburg schools in North Carolina are embroiled in controversy over their discussions to introduce the “Gender Unicorn” to inculcate children about unbounded sexuality.  A cute purple unicorn shows children a sexual smorgasbord with endless options to explore on their sexual adventure.

Franklin Graham rightly decried the cartoon for wooing children into thinking exploring their sexuality at a young age is healthy and everyone’s business.  It’s not.  Even as adults, sexuality should be a personal private matter not some public game of twister on a pretty sexualized flow chart.

Letting children sample whiskey and smoke cigars while driving is not just stupid, it’s abusive for the potential dangers; and so is encouraging children to experiment with sexuality.  Children should just mind their own parts until they truly understand what they are for.

“Fathers, do not exasperate your children; instead, bring them up in the training and instruction of the Lord.”  Ephesians 6:4


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