Trump’s shot heard around the world

           Since President Trump’s election upset, America has been obsessed and consumed with itself.  Liberals are irrationally panicking Trump will undo Obama’s legacy and conservatives are fervently praying he will.  With Trump’s promised “America First” credo, it’s no surprise we would be fixated on domestic issues.

            Despite renewed optimism America will be great again, the nation is still in shambles domestically.  Obamacare is collapsing under its own weight, but Republicans are thus far inept in repealing it.  Appearing to have new life, the economy is still a long way from growing enough to be a genuine recovery.  Tax cuts are stalled even with a Republican Congress and we haven’t even started addressing our $20 Trillion national debt.

            So with problems aplenty looming at home, Americans were startled by Trump’s swift missile attack in Syria; perhaps more so than the horrific nerve gas attack on civilians that prompted the decisive military response.  Appalled at the gruesome scenes and incensed by the particularly frightening use of chemical weapons, most Americans support their President.  Neo-con warmongers are thrilled and even liberals who supported Obama’s “regime change” policy in Syria had momentary applause for Trump.

            However, many conservatives and as the dust settles America first folks are concerned about another Mideast intervention.  Liberals hate the America first idea, so they’re eager to see Trump wade into another hot sandy quagmire hoping it will distract him from deconstructing the federal leviathan.  But America has no real national interest in Syria itself other than its terrorist ties to Iran and Hezbollah.  And Russia’s interest there is really of little matter; who cares if Russia has a Mediterranean port they can’t afford to visit?

            Trump claims it was a onetime strike if Syria will behave.  But on the international stage, Trump sent a deafening message.  Unlike his predecessor, Trump smashed Obama’s meaningless red line without hesitation.  The world stood up and noticed.  Idle threats are gone; Trump’s America will act.

            The media is giddily hyping war with Russia, but that’s silly.  What would Russia gain?  Especially since no one is demanding they leave Syria.  The real effect is that Trump warned Russia to get Syria under control or we will.  More than just saving face, Russia needs Syria and must preserve their influence, so they’re very motivated to avoid further American intervention. 

The Syrian civil war is a Russian problem, but all agree ISIS is everyone’s problem.  So watch for our deal maker in chief to craft a deal for Russian cooperation against ISIS.  That is our real enemy and theirs too.  Some may bemoan working with a tyrannical dictator and those pesky Russians, but it’s in America’s interest to not push both closer to avowed enemy and terrorism exporter - Iran.

In almost Mafioso style, Trump let Chinese President Xi Jinping be the first to know about his Syrian strike over dessert.  It takes hutzpah to look one of your biggest adversaries in the eye while enjoying sorbet and tell him you just bombed the other biggest adversary.  So Trump really sort of got two bears with one strike because now China has current proof Trump will act unilaterally to clean up another’s backyard.

There were no pronouncements about North Korea at Mar-a-Lago, but this is not new to China.  Largely unreported, China has been imposing sanctions on North Korea the past couple years.  China can’t afford hostilities that could result in a unified Korean peninsula led by Seoul.  Trump’s Pentagon upped the ante declaring readiness to take preemptive action if a North Korean nuclear launch appears imminent.  China no longer doubts American resolve.  The more likely preemptive action will be China intervening to put Kim un Roly Poly back in his box.

Americans may continue debating that strike, but the world heard Trump’s shot loud and clear.

“But the one who looks into the perfect law, the law of liberty, and perseveres, being no hearer who forgets but a doer who acts, he will be blessed in his doing.”  James 1:25


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