Trump restores American global leadership

Boom!  President Trump smacked a grand slam with his first United Nations’ speech.  He extolled the good, warned the bad, and flat out called out the ugly.  The first clue and indisputable evidence this was a great speech were the horrified reactions from press, pundits, and politicians.  The media and their acutely liberal sensibilities were mortified, leftists in general took to wailing and wetting themselves, and tin horn dictators around the globe were frothing at the mouth.

Former Ambassador to the United Nations under President Bush 43, John Bolton, proclaimed it the best speech of Trump’s nascent presidency.  While Trump lacks the folksy but eloquent delivery of Ronald Reagan, the content was Reaganesque.  Perhaps bolder than Reagan in his very direct criticisms and specific demands, it was inspiring and visionary as he petitioned the UN to return to their foundational mission.  It was even unifying calling all members to action for the better world envisioned in 1945.

For all the howling about Trump’s “dangerous” and “dark” speech, he was simply redirecting everyone to reaffirm the “purposes and principles” from Chapter One of the UN Charter.  His main theme throughout was preserving “sovereignty, security, and prosperity” which are fundamental principles of the UN.  How does an assembly of supposedly independent nations find fault with renewing their charter?

Though speaking to the world, Trump made it very clear his priority is “America First!”  And that’s all it takes for leftists to stop listening.  Trump unambiguously declared he would defend America’s sovereignty and security first and foremost and always strive for American prosperity.  But he went on to remind all member nations their first obligation is to represent their citizens and preserve the very same interests for each of their nations.  And if we all share the same interests of security and prosperity for our peoples, we can with mutual respect cooperate internationally to maintain the same for all.

Amazingly simple and precisely the concept of the United Nations!  But you wouldn’t know it from the media coverage almost universally condemning it as bombastic.  The UN only works if its members are sovereign which in essence means they are each acting in their own self-interest, but more important, they are acting of their own accord – no one is forcing them to do anything!

  After the catastrophic planetary carnage of WWII, UN charter nations were keen to protect their sovereignty against future aggressors never imagining the biggest future threat to sovereignty would be the UN itself.  Sovereignty has become a dirty word because it firmly establishes independence and globalists do not like independent nations.  They want pliable countries willing to submit to global bureaucracies seeking ever greater concentrations of power.  And boy do globalists and UN functionaries crave power.

Since sovereignty is quite a reasonable notion among nations, leftists have linked it to nationalism to make it sound mean.  Like somehow defending freedom and protecting your people is bigoted.  Such absurdity is amplified when Trump admonishes territorially aggressive regimes like China and Russia about molesting their neighbors and sternly warns terrorist rogue states like Iran and North Korea of swift and terrible consequences for their antagonistic actions, but global elite and media scold Trump for being belligerent and rush to soothe the petty little “Rocket Man” threatening nuclear holocaust.

Reported revulsion was because Trump spoke truth and the media and most liberal thinkers can’t handle the truth, but globalists know the truth.  Strong American leadership makes the world safer.  It’s not an overbearing overpowering America abusing its might, but rather the overwhelming ideal of freedom and fairness advanced by its most fierce steadfast defender and proponent, the United States!  American leadership is an irresistible beacon of liberty exposing the globalists’ tyrannical designs, so Trump just let it shine.

“From one man he made all the nations, that they should inhabit the whole earth; and he marked out their appointed times in history and the boundaries of their lands.”  Acts 17:26


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