Trump saves America from climate con

           The Bible explains no one can know when the world will end, but with Trump’s courageous withdrawal from the Paris Climate Agreement, liberals are certain the countdown has begun and the earth will be fried to a crisp before Al Gore can update the lies in his ludicrous movie, An Inconvenient Truth.  The left from millennials to baby boomer hippies to Hollywood to every Democrat hack to the liberal media to EU leaders to global business titans to the Pope are purely apoplectic!

            According to their uncontrolled tantrums: millions will die so it’s inhumane, people of color are more likely to die so it’s racist, women are also more likely to die so it’s misogynistic, liberal snowflakes are hiding in safe spaces so it’s insensitive, and the Pope felt it was “a slap in the face” so it just wasn’t nice.

            The more liberals blow white wine through their noses and choke on Brie you know Trump is making real progress.  Putting all that frantic nonsensical hyperbole aside, what are the real effects of Trump’s withdrawal from the Paris Climate Agreement?  There are three main areas at issue: the environment, the US economy, and American sovereignty.

            Even assuming the climate change hoax, die hard leftie environmental wackos should be incensed by the Paris deal.  It’s barely a beginning for their purpose; the bulk of the pain is deferred to after 2030.  And even if everything goes according to plan, there might be a 2 tenths of a degree temperature reduction by 2100.  To put this in perspective, it would be like offering to add 4 days to your life in 80 years for the low price of $100,000 per year until then.  Since liberals never use their own money, they find merit in this offer.

            All the panicked tirades and the ostensible environmental disasters are completely irrelevant to the agreement or the withdrawal; it’s all a scam and cover for the real objectives.  The Paris Climate Agreement is all about money and a first big step to global government.

            The United Nations and many other unscrupulous folks like to shout Trump is a pariah for taking the U.S. out of an international accord signed by some 174 countries and the European Union.  With no environmental obligations, the vast majority stand to receive tidy sums from the self-loathing wealthy industrialized nations.  There is this nifty wealth redistribution scheme called the Green Climate Fund; it’s basically a $100 Billion extortion.  And who is footing the lion’s share having already paid $1 Billion?  That’s right, Uncle Sugar.

Other than America and Japan, the European Union would be paying dearly, but these socialist leaders are content with stagnant economies and eager to crush their own cultures.  Trump is absolutely right not to follow Europe down another path of self-destruction.

In his bold Rose Garden address extricating America from the globalist scam, Trump correctly noted this horrible deal would cost millions of American jobs and trillions from our economy.  Ridiculous regulations would also prohibit or at least inhibit America from using our natural resources, so Americans would also pay substantially more for utilities.

Americans would be penalized economically and forced to pay for the injury, but the great global prize would be international oversight of American energy and environmental policies.  That is why the Paris deal is an agreement and not a treaty.  The globalist swindlers knew this horse hockey would never the pass the U.S. Senate, so it’s an agreement that presidents like Obama could implement without Congress.

Exactly like Obama could implement unilaterally, Trump can withdraw unilaterally.  Washington liberals know this, but gagging on their own medicine they will continue spitting lies that Trump has violated some unknown statute.  Trump has again kept a campaign promise and put America first.  Thank God Trump was elected to save American sovereignty!

"This is the plan devised against the whole earth; and this is the hand that is stretched out against all the nations.”  Isaiah 14:26


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