Truth died, Justice denied, Hillary lied

Surprise!  Surprise!  Surprise!  Hillary Clinton will not be charged for mishandling “highly sensitive classified” government information.  Seriously?  Is anyone really surprised?  Did anyone actually expect a Democrat administration to indict the Democrat presidential nominee in an election year?

              FBI Director James Comey was given an impossible task: conduct a thorough unbiased investigation but be sure it’s not political in anyway.  Just ordering lunch, politics is inescapable in Washington.  Any indictment would be enormously political because the FBI would have in effect disqualified the Democrat candidate; and perhaps they did anyway.

              Was Comey channeling Chief Justice John Roberts?  When ruling on Obamacare, Roberts considered it extremely politically charged, so he abandoned the law to uphold Obamacare in a rare judicial instance of deferring to the will of Congress.  So too must have Comey certainly worried about the party who wants Hillary as president, so who is he and a few federal statutes to deprive the people of their preferred president?

              Obama tossed the hot potato to Attorney General Loretta Lynch who smugly said she would defer to the FBI’s recommendation thereby tossing the smoking spud into Comey’s supposedly unsoiled lap.  After Lynch’s close encounter of the third mind with Bill Clinton, the fix was in.  It was there all along; it just took some negotiating and heat for Obama to extract whatever promises he wanted from Hillary before calling off the federal dogs.

              With choreography set, Obama ordered Lynch to sit and Comey to beg.  Begging the American people to believe the FBI had completed an exhaustive and fair investigation without interference, Comey’s statement was surreal.  He categorically detailed serial violations of federal laws and then abruptly ended with a quick no evidence of intent, so no charges.  Done.

A stunning conclusion given the litany of infractions such that Rudy Giuliani described it as contradictory and illogical.  Giuliani pointed out that there is no requirement for “intent” under these laws and highlighted how Comey actually ascribed the law school definition for gross negligence flatly stating Hillary was “extremely careless” with classified information!

Negligence counts for intent.  Carelessness is no excuse if you are entrusted with highly sensitive material.  If any military member simply forgot and just left a code book unsecured, they would be charged and prosecuted for violating their trust even if they did not mean any harm.  When the consequences could be great like lost lives, mistakes cannot be tolerated.  Punishment for even carelessness conveys the gravity of the responsibility; and what greater responsibility is there than for the lives of those sent into harm’s way, like Benghazi.

Truth and justice in America have been slipping for quite a while, but Hillary has the damaging distinction of marking their moments of demise.  Truth died in Benghazi with four brave Americans when Hillary’s State Department manufactured a fable to replace the ugly truth not conducive to Obama’s reelection.

Now Hillary is the poster girl for justice denied; she is just too big to fail, so Comey gave her a pass on the law.  Lady Law stands wide eyed as her blindfold is ripped away to usher Hillary to her lofty perch above the law.  The law is no longer impartial, so fairness is doubtful at best and fantasy at worst.  

Comey did however clearly explain Hillary lied repeatedly, but no one in government is going to hold her accountable.  Our justice system is shattered, the Congress is inept, and the executive is corrupt.

Congressman Darrell Issa (R-CA) said “only the people can stop her now.”  Despite all the inappropriate appropriations of power, the people still have the ultimate power.  But will we use it?  We the people elected and reelected this cadre of charlatans that have destroyed our republic, so are we going to save it now?

With truth and justice dead, only God can save America now.

“For there is no respect of persons with God.”  Romans 2:11


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