Trying to make citizenship obsolete

           Illegal immigration has been a hot button issue for decades with most Americans wanting the problem solved, but most politicians seem unable or unwilling to tackle this mounting perennial problem.  Despite relentless efforts to diffuse illegal immigration and make it more palatable by banishing terms like “illegal alien” or euphemizing them with innocuous names like “undocumented worker,” Americans still view illegal immigration as a critical concern.

            Losing the public relations battle over “illegal immigration,” Democrats are now trying a new tactic by assaulting and hopefully diminishing the concept of citizenship.  When the Trump administration announced the 2020 census would have a question about citizenship, the blood curdling howls from blue states would wake dead voters in Chicago.  Press and pundits immediately defaulted into their tedious charges of xenophobia, racism, and voter suppression.  Never mind the fact, it makes sense to suppress voting by non-citizens.

            Ponder that liberal lunacy for a moment.  It is somehow cruel and criminal for a nation to count its citizens!  Why would any government and the citizens they represent not have a right to know how many they number and who is all here?  Don’t we at least need to know how many places to set for dinner?

            Therein lies the subtle distinction.  Conservatives seek planning numbers for education, infrastructure, and proper representation in government; and liberals determine to pad the counts to demand more of the treasury and dilute the voice of American citizens.

            Why does citizenship matter?  Citizenship is defined as the status of having the rights, privileges, and duties of a member or resident of a sovereign state.  Liberals obviously love privileges and incessantly lust for more of your money to grant more privileges to anyone that might vote their way; and they are constantly making up more rights to assure whatever delusion or immorality they favor is not impeded by common decency or sense. 

            But they typically overlook the duties of citizenship.  Sure they think rich people have a duty to pay more taxes for them to squander, but understanding freedom, being informed and engaged, or contributing to your community in a positive and productive way is well just old fashioned.  Since liberals hate the Second Amendment and can barely tolerate the First Amendment, the last thing they want is more citizens sworn to uphold and defend the Constitution.

            First and foremost, this is about money and power, but also about eroding the voices of American citizens.  Census numbers determine federal funding and more importantly government representation, so the more bodies counted, the more federal money and the more congressional seats. 

There are supposed to be roughly 735,000 American citizens represented by each Congressional Representative with that number growing proportionally with population, but if illegals are counted the representation of Americans is distorted.  For example, if 10% of a district population is illegal and counted, then it doesn’t matter if the non-citizens even vote because the about 661,500 Americans there have the same voice as 735,000 Americans in most other districts.  This also adds to the electoral count, so illegal immigrants would increase sanctuary state electoral votes more than others.  This would give illegal immigrants an indirect voice in all our elections.

The crux of all this is Democrats find American citizens troublesome because they take citizenship seriously and demand things like liberty and government accountability.  Illegal immigrants and apathetic millennials are much more manageable.  Give them some benefits and unearned unquestioned access to our economy and citizenship just becomes burdensome.  Democrats just want residents to be subjects of their social engineering because citizens get in in the way when they resist elite rulers.

Traditionally immigrants wanted to be Americans, but if they never learn citizenship and vow allegiance to our Constitution, they won’t care about sovereign American freedom as long as the milk and honey keeps flowing.  And that’s just fine with Democrats.

“So then you are no longer strangers and aliens, but you are fellow citizens with the saints and members of the household of God.”  Ephesians 2:19


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