Unarmed for global Holy War

          It’s another gruesome scene that has become all too common; bodies of unsuspecting innocents bloodied and broken by a crude bomb carried by yet another barbarian Jihadist are callously scattered about Manchester arena.  It was supposed to be a celebration of youthful music in the ostensibly safe havens of a great city in the heart of peaceful and tolerant multiculturalism.

            In another burst of the same brutality, this attack was all the more heinous because it very specifically targeted children and their families.  All these cowardly attacks are repulsive and tragic, but murdering children should shake us to our cores and wake us from the senseless stupor that somehow we can coexist with those intent on killing us.  In war, soldiers fight and kill one another to win some dispute, soldiers kill citizens to destroy a nation, but they murder children to annihilate a people.

            Jihad means spiritual struggle against the enemies of Islam; in short, Holy War.  The Islamist terrorists repeatedly tell us in vile videos accompanying each atrocious attack that they are fighting for Allah and they will not rest until all are conquered.  Despite ever growing body counts and increasing violence, we refuse to believe they are actually at war with us.  Therein lies our conundrum:  Islamists absolutely believe in their cause albeit evil, but we doubt our cause or that we even have a cause for good.  So we cannot fathom their serious commitment.

            There is much talk of the “Global War on Terror,” but we are inexplicably recalcitrant to identify the enemy.  In the two greatest 20th century struggles against tyranny, both were cast and won as good versus evil.  Winston Churchill warned blind British leaders for a decade of the ominous darkness settling on Europe, but no one wanted to believe such evil was possible.  Hitler and Mussolini were left to pursue their hateful crusades against humanity; and until Europe was in extremis, Churchill was alone.

            Churchill unequivocally recognized the distinct incompatibility of the enemy culture when in 1938 he asserted "there can never be friendship between the British democracy and the Nazi power" because "that power ... spurns Christian ethics."  With war on their door step, Churchill was finally able to rally Britain and the world to face down certain evil.  In 1940, Churchill said, "I expect that the battle of Britain is about to begin ... Upon this battle depends the survival of Christian civilization."

            The communist threat to global freedom was no less grave.  The Truman administration laid out the blueprint to defeat the Soviet Union in National Security Council document NSC68.  That seminal paper righteously described that communism demanded absolute fealty, so in essence the Soviet state would become god.  Therefore, communists would not tolerate any devotion to a higher power by their subjects.  So a prime pillar of Soviet strategy to dominate the west was to undermine and eradicate Christianity.  NSC68 recognized the utter incompatibility of the Soviet system with American freedom.  It established “reaffirming” our values rooted in freedom as a necessary source of strength and invoked the need for the same “divine providence” sought in the Declaration of Independence.

            Notice the first step in life and death struggles is recognizing the irreconcilable incompatibility.  Jihad is real and it’s here; it’s everywhere.  Islamists have chosen Holy War for us.  Also note the victors in previous contests specifically denied war against the German and Russian people, but identified the malevolent philosophies infecting their cultures as the enemy.  So too is it in the current contest.  It’s not the Muslim people but rather the demonic rabid ideology poisoning their culture.  President Trump made this point eloquently in Saudi Arabia.

            A Holy War is upon us whether we acknowledge it or not, but it may be won like the Cold War by strength alone.  However, that requires a solid vibrant Judeo-Christian culture and firm reliance on God.  Sadly, Europe has lost their Christian identity and practically shunned God, so they are trying to cope with a Holy War unarmed.

            “They tell the seers, "Stop seeing visions!" They tell the prophets, "Don't tell us what is right. Tell us nice things. Tell us lies.”  Isaiah 30:10


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