Voters Fed Up with GOP Gripped with Fear

What a difference three quarters of century makes? The day after the Japanese sneak attack on Pearl Harbor, President Franklin Roosevelt addressed the American people clearly and concisely with an impassioned speech.

FDR named the enemy and stated that people already knew Japan had viciously attacked America, so he and the American people knew what had to be done. Without equivocation, FDR plainly said we will spare no effort to defend America and fight to “absolute victory.”

Contrast FDR’s courageous “day of infamy” speech with President Obama’s pathetic Oval Office address after the San Bernardino Jihad assault. Wavering about the cause and connections, he said we will prevail by “not abandoning our values.” How does that affect rabid killers determined to murder us?

America has been viciously attacked numerous times since 9/11. The San Bernardino slaughter was simply the most recent, so after this latest horrific murderous raid we get another calculated speech and weak plan. His specific plan is fiddling with Europeans to lob a few bombs into Syria, continue to arm nefarious “rebels” with suspicious motives and ties, work with Muslim nations to find some peaceful aspect of Islam, and finally pursue a Syrian ceasefire in a civil war we have no business in.

FDR sternly directed the Army and Navy to fight and win; Obama sort of said we can probably beat ISIS by talking about it. Obama also exploited another opportunity for gun control because he still wants to disarm Americans and he mentioned better refugee vetting because he is certainly bringing more Muslim refugees despite obvious risks. Again, Obama only got really passionate when defending Islam.

Against Obama’s amorphous plan and non-committal speech, Donald Trump leapt center stage again by simply stating it’s time to temporarily ban all Muslim immigration until we can better vet these potential invaders. Media and establishment politicians from both parties were apoplectic. How boorish! How un-American!

While pundits and politicians were hurrying to condemn Trump, the people were relieved to hear someone would actually ACT! And act to protect Americans first!

Undeterred, Obama sternly scolds Americans not to succumb to fear of the Islamic terror threat because he is determined to resettle more Muslims here as some bizarre piece of his transforming America.

Americans are right to fear the Islamic threat, but the people are more fed up with the ones truly consumed with fear – the GOP leadership.

GOP leadership cowers in sheer terror of the media and bad press. They are not afraid of Obamacare, out of control spending, Planned Parenthood slaughtering and harvesting babies, illegal immigration, open borders, and even potential terror from sketchy refugees. And most of all, Republicans are not afraid of their conservative base because their greatest fear is a government shutdown that allegedly jeopardizes their reelections.

This Republican Congress refuses to use the power of the purse! They talk and talk but do NOTHING to stop Obama’s abuse of power and destructive policies. Americans are livid about open borders and now Obama importing would be terrorists; the people demand Congress stop it! But no!

Senator Jeff Sessions audaciously exposed Mitch McConnell’s and Paul Ryan’s scheme to quietly fund Obama’s refugee resettlement program because again they fear bad press much more than mad voters. The deceptive duo are planning another omnibus funding bill to hide Obama’s goodies, avoid media ire, and deceive the voters. Again, the Republican Congress surreptitiously funds Obama’s illicit programs against the will of the people.

The elite are crying about Trump and not all voters agree with Trump’s ideas, but people are still flocking to him because they are fed up with a wobbly weak-kneed wholly worried GOP. America is worth fighting for and Americans are dying for a party that will fight for America!

“Now therefore proclaim in the ears of the people, saying, ‘Whoever is fearful and trembling, let him return home.’” Judges 7:3

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