We are here! We are here!

            A total surprise to press and pundits, the decisive Trump win is still reverberating from sea to shining sea.  Following the Clinton Campaign playbook, the media promulgated pervasive propaganda utterly demonizing Trump.

            Anyone who supported Trump was thoroughly castigated as the most hateful, ignorant, racist, and every other derogatory demonstrative, so the media convinced themselves and most liberals that the “deplorables” could only be a tiny lunatic fringe.  Pollsters avoided them.  The press ignored them.  Overflow rallies were dismissed.  Those Americans didn’t exist to the media and in the hallowed halls of Washington establishment power such common people were simply inconceivable.

            Like Horton hearing a “Who,” only Donald Trump heard average Americans clamoring to be heard.  “We are here!”  Democrats pretended not to hear the working middle class that no longer fits in identity politics, but Republicans gained Congress from those middle class voters and still ignored their pleas.

            Contrary to the incessant hyperbole, Trump supporters are just hard working Americans who want to preserve liberty and ensure justice is available and applied to all.  They don’t begrudge anyone coming to America to work hard for their families, but they reject criminals and terrorists only asking government to control our borders.  They don’t deny anyone’s need for health care and will give generously to anyone in need, but they resent government wasting their hard earned money on more expensive substandard care.  And they are not really interested in forcing morality on anyone, but extremely uncomfortable with government that not only endorses immorality, it advances it.

            Woefully misled by the polls, liberals were understandably shocked by the election.  Conservatives can empathize with their profound disappointment if we pause to ponder a Hillary presidency.  But that does not justify rioting against election results you dislike; even Mrs. Clinton and President Obama fairly graciously accepted the will of the people.

            Consistently warning Trump supporters are violent, the media is wrong about that too.  Once you get passed the sheer hypocrisy of liberals running amok with riots against a Trump presidency, we must consider they were duped too.  And, how much of this violent dissent is manufactured?

            Disagreement in politics is great, but perhaps we’re not that divided on just being Americans.  Instead of focusing on big city nonsense, Veterans Day weekend in Mobile, Alabama probably provides a more accurate picture of America.

            A wholly diverse crowd lined downtown streets for the Veterans’ Day Parade.  A thousand junior ROTC cadets of every imaginable ethnicity proudly marched; and the people cheered!  Azalea Trail Maids each more colorful than their fantastic dresses brought to life the good things of the antebellum era; and the people cheered.  Black bands, white bands, and mixed bands all played their music; and the people cheered.

            Hundreds of Girl Scouts of every color and shape waved American flags; and the people cheered.  Physically challenged Boy Scouts, band members, and JROTC defeated disabilities and fear; and the people cheered.  Black and white kids in a “therapeutic” drum corps overcame obstacles with pulsating rhythm; and the people cheered.

            Riders on the Azalea City Republican Women and AFL-CIO Southwest Alabama Labor Council floats thanked Veterans; and the people cheered.  A float full of Laotian freedom fighters forgotten by our government despite fighting alongside our Vietnam Veterans enthusiastically waved American flags; and the people cheered.

            In the deepest south, the mounted Buffalo Soldiers are a huge crowd pleaser; and this year some of the last surviving Tuskegee Airmen rode on the Daughters of the American Revolution float; and the people cheered wildly.

            At the movie premier of the USS INDIANAPOLIS: Men of Courage, the widow of an American Sailor shared a hug with the granddaughter of the Japanese Submarine Commander that sank her husband’s ill-fated ship; and the people nodded solemnly.

            Average Americans of every stripe celebrated freedom reminding all “we are here;” and God blessed them.

“But I say to you, Love your enemies and pray for those who persecute you.”  Matthew 5:44


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