What good are Republicans?

           Really?!  What good are Republicans?  When in the minority, they were pathetically ineffective.  Nancy Pelosi just pranced around the House floor yammering nonsensically about passing a bill, a kidney stone, or something before you could examine it.  And Republicans seemed too timid to get in the ring and go a few rounds with the gentlelady from the land of fruits and nuts.  With Republicans routinely caving to Obama and pretty much funding his every whim, you could barely tell Republicans took the House unless Coppertone John Boehner started crying.

            And speaking of a GOP Congress funding Obama’s assorted largesse, guess what?!  Republicans are STILL funding Obama’s programs!  Obamacare, sanctuary cities, refugee resettlement, and Planned Parenthood are all STILL funded by a GOP Congress.  Guess what’s NOT funded?!  The border wall!  The much needed restoration of our weakened military!

            So why are Republicans quaking in their boots about being blamed for a government shut down by Democrats when the Democrats are getting what they want and President Trump just gets another clueless shoulder shrug?  What have we gotten from a Republican Congress?  Other than excuses?!

            Even in the majority, Republicans are still pathetically ineffective.  If the roles were reversed, Democrats would have had their agenda forced down our throats before we could choke.  Heck, take some Super PAC money and hire Pelosi and Schumer to pass Trump’s agenda.  We know they’re effective legislators, but is it really that Monsieur’s McConnell and Ryan don’t know how to navigate the Congressional maze?  Or, they just don’t want to?!

            The dirty not so secret is the GOP leadership are “big government establishment elites” that simply don’t support a limited government populist agenda.  Even beyond that, our GOP Washington betters OPPOSE Trump’s agenda.  They are committed to preserving Washington’s concentration of federal power.  The only difference between GOP elites and Democrat elites is Republicans don’t actually gag in the presence of common folks.

            The only Congressional victory thus far is confirming Supreme Court Justice Neil Gorsuch.  Senators Mitch McConnell and Chuck Grassley deserve credit for not botching that, but in reality they just exploited a rare and particularly grave Democrat political error.  Gorsuch is not nearly as staunchly conservative as the next nominee who will shift the Court dramatically right for a generation.  Democrats could have built some good will and stored political capital to very likely Bork the next one forcing a Bush type RINO nominee, but Schumer wasted his nuclear round.  With the nuclear trigger already pulled, there’s nothing to stop Trump’s Supreme Court nominees.

            So again, what has the Republican Congress we fought for in 2010 and 2014 finally done under a Republican President in 2017?  They buried Trump’s aggressive cost cutting budget in committees, so they can trade it all away.  When Trump tried to get control of woefully under scrutinized refugees or move against sanctuary cities for failing to comply with federal laws, Congress stood silently on the sidelines.

            After eight years, Congressional Republicans barely have a plan much less a strategy for healthcare.  Seeming to know his vote counts otherwise, did Speaker Ryan fail or just set up Trump for a big fall?  Even Obama wanted to improve America’s crumbling infrastructure, so why didn’t Congress jump on Trump’s huge infrastructure package and get it out the door quick?  You can always lure some Democrats with pork.

            And finally, WHY ARE TAX CUTS BOGGED DOWN IN A REPUBLICAN CONGRESS???!!!  The American economy has been in moribund malaise for a decade.  Trump’s bold tax plan would jump start and turbo charge our economy, so what’s this claptrap about too hard?  Maybe 2018???  Congressional Republicans epitomized by Ryan have deceived us and now betray us trying to protect the bloated federal monster we sent Trump to slay. 

            Very uncertain Republicans can be rehabilitated, but President Trump needs a party now!  Anyone?  Anyone?

            “So do and observe whatever they tell you, but not the works they do. For they preach, but do not practice.”  Matthew 23:3


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