Who will delegitimize who?

            The battle royal for reality rages on.  Is the new Administration stumbling like a chaotic hot mess or running like a well-oiled machine?  Will it be the world according to the tedious tired main stream media or the world according to Trump?

            The vicious virulent anti-Trump media blitzkrieg has been nonstop since long before the inauguration.  President Trump hadn’t even replaced the nameplate on the Resolute Desk before hysterical rabid Democrats supported by a hopelessly complicit media were demanding impeachment.  Such nonsense may assuage the fevered progressive minds in Washington, but Americans want to give any new president a chance.  Obama benefited from such generosity in his first 100 days, well actually for about 2,922 days.

            Working at breakneck speed the first few weeks of the nascent Administration, Trump and his new staff are determined and eager to make good on his campaign promises despite Congress staggering with vertigo, Democrats sputtering revolution, and the media spewing venom.  The intense barrage of negative reporting and for that matter fake news has been so daunting that by the fourth week many started wondering:  would the unrelenting and withering attacks start to take a toll on President Trump?

            The answer came as a resounding NO when Trump commandeered the daily press briefing not even one month in office.  For a solid 1 hour and 18 minutes, the White House press Corps was reminded why Trump won and shown the big guy was certainly in charge.  Trump even repeatedly tried to reteach them that journalism is about reporting “real news” and searching for the truth.

            A refreshing change from the past eight years when Obama droned on so long that he could only answer a couple questions in an hour, Trump’s opening statement was a little more than 20 minutes followed by about an hour of pointed questions and fiery answers.  Perhaps the best presidential press conference of all time, it was not only very informative; it was highly entertaining!

            It was a spectacle average Americans have waited decades to see.  Reporters were shocked and even incensed that Trump deviated so menacingly from the long tradition of Republican presidents.  The press corps are supposed to jab and pound the president with all manner of accusatory often unfounded questions and a meek polite Republican president is supposed to dutifully apologize, equivocate, or retreat.  Trump missed that memo.

            The vaunted White House Press Corp was stunned and indignant as the defiant new president hit right back and called them out for their misrepresentations.  Media moguls and reporters across the left howled unfair!  Foul!  Dangerous!  How dare a president impugn and undermine the sacred institution of a free press!

            Ironically, the press enjoys practically unaccountable latitude to impugn and undermine the office of the president, but chaff furiously when confronted.  And, they undermined themselves; trust in media continues its precipitous plunge to less than one third of Americans.  They first conjured the whole fake news deflection, but now they’re indicted by their own reflection. 

The main stream media has plenty of utterly irresponsible reporting.  Russians meddling in our election is still propped up with no evidence.  The Wall Street Journal manufactured a ridiculous story about intelligence agencies withholding Intel from Trump.  The Associated Press reported Trump was mobilizing thousands of National Guardsmen to round up illegal immigrants.  All fake news, but there were no retractions just quiet retreats.

            Press pundits breathlessly bemoan a president using his bully pulpit to bash the fourth estate; they decry it as a dictatorial abuse of power.  The people are weary of decades of media shirking their duty to report objectively and misusing their power for one sided propaganda.  Americans feel unheard and overlooked by a monolithic super liberal main stream media monopoly maligning America and quite frankly average Americans, so they cheer a populist president giving them voice.

            “They are blots and blemishes, reveling in their deceptions, while they feast with you.”  2 Peter 2:13


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