Will Congress disappoint Americans again?

At a huge rally in Missouri, President Trump refocused his domestic agenda with tax cuts as the top priority.  After Senator John McCain sabotaged his and his Party’s seven year promise to repeal ObamaCare, it was probably prudent to give them a task they should be able to handle.  With their dismal track record unable to get Trump’s appointees approved with any timeliness or even fund a border wall, Trump pointedly warned Congress “not to disappoint him.”

With Republican majorities in both houses, tax cuts should be a no brainer.  Stifled for the past decade, the economy has latent demand simmering ready to boil.  Job creation has been robust in 2017 with better paying manufacturing jobs.  Exceeding all forecasts, national employment has been steadily rising.  Some will say the unemployment numbers would indicate “full employment,” but remember Trump has not corrected the Obama Administration’s manipulative and misleading unemployment calculations.   So we still have a ways to go, but progress is healthy.

Trump’s aggressive efforts to reduce regulatory burdens are also paying off with improved Gross Domestic Product (GDP) growth.  Second quarter GDP growth was readjusted from 2.7% to 3%, a rate seldom seen in the Obama years.  If GDP growth surpasses 3%, we should start seeing real wage growth; and millennials would experience prosperity for the first time.  That’s where tax cuts retroactive for 2017 become vitally key.  Tax cuts would unleash even greater growth like 4 or 5 or even 6% growth! 

And that is the no brainer part.  If the economy roars into 2018 with real steady growth, then the midterm elections when the president’s party usually loses seats would most likely have minimal losses; the GOP might even gain seats.  So with history against them and a president unfairly maligned by a corrupt media, the GOP’s best chance and strategy to maintain control of both houses is tax cuts spurring the economy and spreading prosperity.  So why in the world would the GOP have any hesitation about tax cuts?

The first easy answer is too many Republican “never Trumpers” are willing to let Americans suffer economically to avoid enhancing The Donald’s reelection fortunes, but there is a more sinister reason skulking about the halls of Congress.  Democrats and Republicans may bicker incessantly from opposite poles, but they all want the same thing – reelection.  They may employ diametrically opposed rhetoric, but they all need the same thing – money!

Ideas, integrity, and proven performance should get politicians reelected, but in our increasingly attention deficit immediate gratification society, most voters decide on slick superficial packaging.  Few truly examine politicians’ substance and analyze their track records, so whoever buys the best and most advertising almost always wins.  And that takes money!

Average citizens don’t and really can’t contribute what it takes to win, so politicians need and heed big check writers.  Congressional campaigns are largely funded by big business, humongous national companies, and monstrous global companies with myriad untraceable tentacles.  These enormous corporations DO NOT want tax cuts.  Onerous taxes are figured into their business models with extensive accounting and legal resources to avoid, offset, or pass taxes on to consumers.  Smaller competitors and start up entrepreneurs typically don’t have the pockets to compete or even ante up.

Simply put, intrusive regulations and oppressive taxes protect the status quo for mega business and deter any threats to their near monopolies.  Insurance companies and healthcare providers did not sign on to ObamaCare to improve healthcare; they joined for guaranteed market share with no more competition.  Mega business interests fund what politicians want most – reelection.  So Congressmen, Democrat or Republican, will not bite the hand that reelects them.

They may ostensibly be our representatives, but they will likely disappoint hard working Americans before they disobey the heavy weights that underwrite their political careers.

"Take no bribes, for a bribe makes you ignore something that you clearly see. A bribe makes even a righteous person twist the truth.”  Exodus 23:8


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