Will Trump save the Democrat party?

The 2018 partisan games have begun. Well, they never seem to end anymore.  There’s no period of just governing.  Just a momentary reset as the parties start on the next election.  Desperate to regain Congress, Democrats were willing to do “anything” to win the special Congressional election in Pennsylvania District 18.  Anything!  Like even run a Republican.

Frantic for any good electoral news, Democrats needed a win, so they could rally the troops for the midterm elections.  Like climate change fanatics, Democrats will use any outcome to swear a blue wave will flood the House in November.  The Democrat candidate, Connor Lamb, spent over $3 million to Republican Rick Saconne spending only about $600,000; and that lopsided bankroll narrowly bought a razor thin photo finish.

A fascinating race and outcome, there are lessons for both parties.  For Republicans, they should note Democrats are much better overall at exploiting every weakness.  Like the Alabama debacle handing a Senate seat to Democrat Doug Jones, Pennsylvania Democrats crafted a strategy to win and diligently executed every detail.  Democrats find every vote and literally drive that voter to the polls; their get out the vote effort is unparalleled. 

Republicans must also realize they can’t depend on party loyalty to win.  Liberals loathe them and conservatives at best tolerate them; their brand is quite tarnished.  Once again, they must be reminded Trump did not win because he was a Republican; he won because he was Trump.  He brought common sense ideas and straight talk Americans have been craving.

The anguished liberal in the back row is jumping up and down screaming “but, but Trump campaigned for the frumpy wayward Republican candidate and he still lost.”  So Democrats and media are breathlessly repeating this is a sign the overwhelming hatred for Trump can be held back no longer.

Not so fast myopic armchair pundits.  Here is the lesson for both parties.  To win, Democrats had to run new breed, a DINO (Democrat In Name Only).  Lamb professes to be personally pro-life, pro second amendment, pro Trump tariffs, against Nancy Pelosi, and he pointedly and repeatedly refused to demonize Trump.  How is this guy different than your garden variety House Republican?

With the possible exception of West Virginia Senator Joe Manchin, “conservative Democrats” particularly in the House were extinct, so Lamb winning is like finding a Dodo bird.  So here is the lesson for Democrats, the Trump agenda still wins even with a D behind it.

The parties are about power first, governing second.  If Democrats could get past their blind rabid animosity for Trump and run a slew of conservative Democrats (still currently an oxymoron), they would find a much easier path to retaking Congress.  The partisans can’t or won’t see that average Americans are fed up with partisanship and they really just want government to be efficient and effective.  They will reward whoever delivers.

The Democrat party has veered off the leftist cliff and plunged into the socialist abyss, but most Americans are not yet ready to follow.  If they returned to a more centrist message and worked with Trump to yes make America great again, they might have a more reasonable and palatable claim to power and even find average voters receptive.

The liberal dogma is so consuming and pervasive in the Democrat party it’s hard to imagine, but if Democrats could recreate the reluctant partnership of Bill Clinton and Newt Gingrich, they would widen their appeal tremendously.  Trump is not an ideologue and not really a partisan, so he would gladly work with Democrats to implement his agenda.

It’s probably a bridge too far, but if Trump could resurrect the “Blue Dog Democrats” to cooperate with him, Americans would not care who controls Congress.  Most Democrats probably can’t swallow a working relationship with Trump, but Republicans should beware because Democrats are much better at seeking, attaining, and using power.

“When a man's ways please the LORD, he maketh even his enemies to be at peace with him.”  Proverbs 16:7


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