Will character assassination win?

Politics has always been nasty and messy.  Disagreements are regularly fierce and profound, but the zeal to win at any cost smothers civility and diminishes the democratic process.  Once either side has made their case but are still unable to persuade voters to their argument, the political hacks all too often resort to any wedge to pry voters from their beliefs or candidate.

Such is the case with the tumultuous special US Senate election in Alabama.  In the primary, establishment Republicans spent literally millions to defeat outsider, Roy Moore.  Gobs of money didn’t get any traction, so they tried to tar and feather him as corrupt and self-serving.  Flooding the airwaves with allegations he abused his charitable foundation to line his own pockets, Moore supporters were unmoved.

Voters listened, but the tawdry picture painted by Washington consultants didn’t reconcile with the experience and observations of the man in Alabama.  Voters were already disgusted by Washington corruption, so the millions flowing in against Moore was merely validation that he was indeed the anti-establishment candidate.  To the angst and surprise of the Washington elite, Moore won the primary handily.

In the upcoming general election, the same scenario is unfolding with yet another twisted twist.  Alabama is still a decidedly red state, even the Republican establishment winces at our genuine conservatism.  Therefore, Democrat Doug Jones cannot persuade a majority of Alabamians to support a candidacy that supports abortion and Planned Parenthood, keeping ObamaCare, expanding MEDICAID, and restoring kooky Obama era environmental regulations to squash the economy again.

In short, your garden variety tax and spend liberal has no chance in Alabama, so there is little if any hope of convincing Alabama voters to switch.  However, politicians are ruthless, so if their ideas aren’t winners, they can still win by making the opponent a distinct loser. 

Roy Moore is a Christian Constitutional Conservative, so the rock ribbed deep red Alabama base clings to all three.  It’s pretty much futile to discredit Moore about Constitutional and Conservative, so there is always the tried and true sexual misconduct allegation to undermine Christian credentials.  It usually works because it’s so unseemly and when true will get conservatives to turn.  Just ask Bentley.

Just a month before the election, the Washington Post breaks the most salacious accusations of sexual misconduct with underage girls.  Now if true, that’s a sure fire way too torpedo Moore’s campaign and sink his election.  The problem is we probably won’t have any definitive answers before the election, only a brazen repulsive accusation.  But that’s exactly the strategy!  Moore won’t have time to adequately refute the charges, so his campaign may collapse on the mere accusation.  Many wobbly Republicans hastily joined the media in convicting Moore and denying him any defense solely upon the charge.

So what do we know?  The Washington Post like most of the media is extremely liberal and typically unreliable.  Politicians will lie, cheat, and steal to win election.  After 40 years of particularly public public service, it’s quite odd such allegations never came out before.  Other politicians have years of sexual misconduct allegations, but the media is still surprised by Anthony Wiener and John Edwards or just ignores Bill Clinton and Senator Bob Menendez.

We don’t really know Moore’s accusers.  Did the Washington Post pay them?  How long has the Post had this story?  Supposedly, one of them worked for the Clinton Campaign and another has a history of accusing various pastors of sexual misconduct, but again we probably won’t know the whole story until after the election.

But most Alabamians know Roy Moore.  Since the timing is purposefully too short, the people really have to decide on what they know to be true about Roy Moore, the hopelessly slanted press, and utterly corrupt national politics.  Will character win or character assassination?

“Those who with a word make someone out to be guilty, who ensnare the defender in court and with false testimony deprive the innocent of justice.”  Isaiah 29:21


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