Women trade roaring for ranting and cussing

           With Trump barely 24 hours in office, panic, paranoia, and pandemonium were on full display in something called the Women’s March on Washington.  God help you if you were there, but even if you watched any of it, it was still disturbing and incoherent.  Watch any clip and you will feel like showering and washing someone’s mouth out with soap.

            Pretty much all the speakers were unhinged.  Until Obama left office, all was apparently utopia and no reason to worry, but once Trump took the oath the protesters swore, and they swore a lot, that America had descended into a frightening chasm of overwhelming oppression and tyranny.  So certain Trump instantaneously created dystopia, liberals are rushing to read George Orwell’s 1984 to learn how it turns out.  They’re about 8 years late.

            The turnout for the Women’s march was impressive, but the most stunning aspect was the raw vulgarity.  Historically, women have been the guardians of civility and decency; they demanded morality and commanded respect for their roles as the bedrock of the family and defenders of society.  They would not tolerate bad manners, lewdness, and foul language.  Decent men and often low brow men would never use salty words in the presence of women; it was simply unacceptable.

            Since the sexual revolution, we have lost our aversion to indecency.  Modesty is dead; depravity and nakedness are common and banal – we hardly notice.  Our society has become coarse and crass in our interactions and even cruel in our attitudes toward one another.  Men and women are both to blame, but the bulwark of uncompromising upright women who heretofore would have never allowed such boorish crudeness has given way to feminists determined to be nasty women.

            While Madonna led the whole obscene parade with tediously repeated F-bombs, Ashley Judd stole the show proclaiming to be a “nasty woman” vowing to bring forth “nasty vulgar generations.”  Roaring was replaced with ranting and cursing; and excessive graphic descriptions of how her menstruation is more important than an erection (don’t ask).  Tasteless and nonsensical, it was disheartening to see women shift from the protectors of decency to the purveyors of indecency.

            The same women who were aghast Trump in a private conversation crudely said he would “grab” a certain lady part were now wearing that lady part on their heads.  They clearly wanted everyone to see their pink hats and were obsessed with talking about their pink hats and parts publically.  The concept of “privates” was abandoned.

The ridiculousness almost eclipsed the absurd hypocrisy.  Feminists want to flaunt their parts and filibuster about their parts, so they can freely allow frivolity with their parts but with impunity.  So if in their lustful liberty some inconvenient conception occurs, they can easily abort the burdensome new life.  They insist on paternity and payment from men who contribute to pregnancy, but demand the right to murder unwanted children for the privilege of carrying them.  Neither should escape responsibility, but these feckless women cherish morbid birth control.

Unlike most mothers, they shun responsibility, content even eager to let an unborn child be held accountable with its life for their indiscretions.  Nothing is more evil and selfish than the cold calculated death of one human for the simple convenience of another.  An incredibly obscene spectacle, the Women’s March was almost solely about preserving abortion.

Avowed Marxist Van Jones was somewhat magnanimous lecturing the writhing pink masses to reach out with “love” to bring macabre liberal enlightenment to conservatives.  He declared a #LoveArmy that would demonstrate the benevolent necessity of abortion to convert others into their sacred culture of death.

What sort of sick society butchers babies under the banner of love?  If progressives prevail and dominate our culture with such wickedness, the forward movement they foretell will be falling into a pit that even God cannot see the bottom.

“A wise woman builds her home, but a foolish woman tears it down with her own hands.”  Proverbs 14:1


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